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Waiting for the Sun

The title of an old Doors track, and the theme of this round of Literary Maneuvers.
I admit that I have a small problem with the 650-word requirement. It's too many words. So my compromise this time around is to create a themed collection of short-shorts, like knickers on a clothesline, based on a couple of premises brought up by the late great Fredric Brown, author of "Knock".
I've already begun to sketch out the dozen or so shorts I'll need, allowing for plot arcs, character development, and subplots.
Why not? A challenge...a chance to stretch my abilities as far as they can go. It may be that I require myself to also write a happy ending to the heat death of the universe. It's been done, but not by me.
I wonder if people will understand the thing.
My last LM entry was written in second person, had 25 main characters, three subplots, multiple pov shifts, and a rumination about how animals learn, plus more jokes than you get at a Hollywood roast. It came in second place.


Ah...apparently it was understood. Waiting for the Sun won the round. Congratulations to all involved.

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