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Waiting for spring.

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A thought occured to me, that I seem to look at my creativity like it is a dead tree with no leaves, no fruit, just empty lifeless branches with nothing to show for the life and growth it can have.

My creativity is stuck in winter. A tree with roots, but the roots can't seem to suck anything up to bring it back to its natural flow, to be beautiful again.

Now there is something to be said of winter, to shed all that is old to make room for something new, but how long will it take to grow something new, to spring back to life? I am the Jack Frost to my tree.

But I do know that Jack and winter will fade eventually, and when that first sign of spring comes, those lifeless branches will start to shake off the frost and the cold, push through the cycle and come to life again with fresh perspective and all the possibility that new life brings.


Some luv winter I just don't...Deffo affects my mood... Look forward to a drawing full of green leaves....

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