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Vive le weekend, dither.

Well, anyway, today is, was, shopping day. So, as is my wont on a Saturday morning, having got a bus home, i dragged a brush through my hair, pulled on an old pair of boots, i really do love those guys. I hate the thought of throwing out boots that have got perfectly good uppers just because they let in the wet, there must be a small crack, or split in the soles somewhere.They're not falling apart at the seems, as i seem to be some days, so what the hell? It's like walking in house-slippers.
And my faithful old snorkel-parka. No wash or shave, no brushing of teeth, nothing. I must look a right old derelict. It must surely, only be a matter of time before some do-gooder buys me a coffee, or presses some loose change into my hand, and do i care?:tongue:
At least i'm not competing with Downan for rights to the litter-bins at the cornmarket, yet. That's actually not very funny.:disturbed:
Having hopped onto my bus, snoozed for a while, then being jerked out of my light slumbers at the police station, i was in the library before i knew it, and this time i came away with two books, it took me a while to find them though.
They have got my number at the chip shop now.
As i got to the counter, the following exchange, took place;
"Yes please."
"Salt and Vinegar?"
In no time at all, i was sitting in my bus-stop shelter, leaning back against a sheet of perspex, watching the steam rising off my hot chips ( i've never noticed that before ), brown globules of malt vinegar clinging to the inside of my chip carton ( hadn't noticed that before either ), feeling warmth from the sun, and it was just a nice few minutes. With moments of quiet contemplation.
I took a nice easy stroll around town, bought a few bits, took advantage of the free facilities in Morrison's, and made my way back to the cornmarket.
Sitting on the top deck of the bus coming home was like sitting in a green-house and i'd bought small bars of chocolate, at least i thought i had. When i opened the packet, i found that i'd bought small bars of Turkish delight. Damn! "Delight" was not mine, they won't be thrown away.
Onwards and upwards, home before i could say Tomato and Pepper Chutney, couldn't wait to get my boots off ( the dogs were barking ), i was hot, i was hungry, and it felt good to be,, home.
Threw some chips ( MORE chips ) into the microwave, took a couple of cans Taurus from the fridge, switched on, logged in, and it was "job done".

Vive le weekend.



there is a certain charm to your writing..honesty,reality..don't know..but I enjoy it.

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