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Veeeenice - Part Due

Okay, so another thing never to do in Venice are - suitcases! Venice is known to have a lot of bridges, and - don't get fooled - they're all stairy, meaning you'll have to drag you suitcases all over those stairs. And it ain't a pretty sight! We saw a guy with two big pieces of luggage. Poor man.

A dead end. Venice streets might look all lovey-dovey but it's pretty easy to get lost. Our cell GPS took us all left and right, then made us do hokey-pokey... But I guess, it's part of its charm. Just not when you're hot and hungry. And tired. So much walking.


And it's not a shame to say you got lost in Venice - I mean, you can't really get lost, you'll just walk more than you thought you would.

...O sole mio
Sta 'nfronte a te!...

Hey, singing is extra!


You wanna enjoy that melodious voice? Yeah, put more banknotes in my hand, buddy.

The most beautiful bookstore in the world.


Most beautiful.


Books and cats, what more do you need? Books about cats...?


Original or not, you decide.


Books in a gondola in the city of gondolas. And what's that on top?


...a book about gondolas! It's gondolception! *twilight zone theme*

This, my friends, is the end of the bookstore.



Nice gondolier waved. He didn't charge me extra for that.


La la la la...

I said, singing is extra!



escorial;bt6675 said:
i would so like to visit that bookshop..looks fab...great pic's

It is. It's not roomy, but that view is surprisingly breathtaking.

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