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Valentines Day? I'll take a nap.

After working last night I got off at 7:00. Due to...things, I didn't actually fall asleep until 8:30 and woke up around 3:30.

The entirety of my day consisted of discovering which ps4 game to purchase and download as retail therapy, and rampaging in GTA 5 as Trevor in a plaid suit and hipster glasses.

Around 6:30 I was feeling tired again so I went back asleep until now. Making this the most I've ever slept in a single day while the sun is up. I feel like a cat. Hope it helps me stay up because I'm going back to work.

Now I shall commit myself to my job, and somehow convince myself this was International Plad Suit Crime Day and not Valentines. Also my shortest blog post so far. I love cheese with my whine.


whine and cheese..my first thought was a glass of wine but come to think of it..cheese and a whine seem to compliment each other to

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