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Visited relatives down in Northern California last month. Miss the people, the place... not so much. It has it's charms, like the majesty of The Redwoods and the coolness of The City (SF). Saw our Giants play The Athletics.

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On the way back north, we stopped by Lassen Volcanic National Park. That place never disappoints. It was the first time for my kids. They enjoyed themselves, despite being short of breath (we ranged from 5,000 feet to over 8,000)

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We stayed in a Yurt. The weather was perfect. On the way back we stopped by Mt. Saint Helens. It was cloudy, and you couldn't see the top of the mountain. Well, you can see the top of the mountain. It was blasted over southeast Washington State in 1980. So, you look down.

Good times.


it's nice to read and look now and again that some people just enjoy what they do....cool pic's...
escorial;bt7270 said:
it's nice to read and look now and again that some people just enjoy what they do....cool pic's...

BTW, my daughter took those pictures ('cept the one she's in). She has a photographer's eye.

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