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Urban Bright

I don't know who was responsible, but thank you.

A few blog posts ago, I described a simple mural in the Wallingford district of Seattle. I appreciate it when people take the time to brighten-up the otherwise dreary urban landscape. We are all better for their effort.

Well, someone is at it again. Only, they have utilized a different form of art.

There is a little oasis that I get gas and a bite each morning, in the Fremont district. In many ways, it's just your typical 7-11. Yet, it's our 7-11. At about seven-thirty every morning, we 'regulars' drop in quickly on our way to... wherever. Ron, the owner of the franchise, is one of the few men I know that works harder than me. Yet, he's always ready with a smile, and asks about your day.

Ron's brother, wife (and I think cousin) all work there as well. They do a good job of keeping the store up, but I know it can't be easy. I help out where I can. When I see something that may need attention, I try to tell Ron. When someone busts his hump the way Ron and his family does, I feel obligated to do my part. We're all part of the community.

Still, I was surprised a few weeks ago. What I saw was not some 7-11 sponsored corporate project (I could be wrong, but don't doubt me). The plants, flowers and statues that just appeared on Ron's corner may look random to the casual observer. The strip along the sidewalk was just a few shreds of bark, dirt and weeds. Now, it looked cared for. Not with some cheap-a$$ shrubs, but some water-resistant plants, perennials and tasteful statuaries. Someone took the time to truly beautify the corner of Ron's store. And it was done in a way that looked like Fremont (aka Freakmont).

I still haven't asked Ron if he paid someone to do the landscaping. I suppose it's possible. I also think it's likely that the neighbors volunteered, teaming-up with Ron to brighten-up the area. Whoever was responsible, you did a great job.

Thanks again.


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