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untying knots

the other night, i spent some time writing a few random
snippets of poetry. while i don't know if there is
a thread i can use to tie these together, i figured
i'd share some of the thoughts and see what you all thought,

reflected in dewdrops
the eye finds

Such sadness
ado, ado, for(with each
passing night)comes
a foreignness
from oneself

a mask
without a face.

And who indeed am i
to you
or you
to say something

for words pass
cheaply though lips—
no toll to pay—and
where they’re to be

neither truth nor
Deceit is far;
both are born
anew with each

never coming
never going.

'A conversation with the man in the window'

i find, from time to time
an odd sort of fellow
by my window
and on a chance or two
we speak

his thoughts
quite frankly
are of an absurd sort

i find them
all the same.

He speaks of
happiness, joy, freedom of​
his own life

Nonsense, of course
but i endure it just the same.

on occasion when i get
a word edge
He nods along without a word
and proffers his view
of the world
from the window’s otherside.

tho we see
eye to
never can we fully agree.

Still those days
where we talk and cry
together, about
happiness, joy, freedom to​

i look past
the past, and recognize
in those eyes
the man in window.

Still unsure of the ending for this last one, it’s been percolating for a while and still is a bit unsatisfying.
any who, i didn't feel these were complete enough to share for critique or thoughts.
for now, they'll sit here, awaiting completion...

it was nice to write them, though. journaling has been difficult of late,
it's infinitely impossible on stressful days to comprehend how
writing a few words can unwind the mind
from the knots its tied itself in.

best to you and yours and thank you for checking in.
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They seem like 3 separate poems to me. Why not post them in the poetry workshop as district poems and see what happens?

I often find that just transcribing the poem again and again helps me complete it.
TL, they are each separate you're correct there. I think the
comment of incompleteness only really applied to the second on
further inspection. i don't know that it has enough of a central thread
still for posting yet.

i'll take your suggestion though and post the last one for workshopping, thanks :)

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