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Unsatisfying updates on my 'writing quest'...

Well, for starters: the writing sample I sent to Writer's Domain about 'Utah Lawn Care' was rejected. They gave no specific response to it, just an automated e-mail--all a crock of horse molasses. It's no State Of The Union address, but Writer's Domain is no presidential speech writing website. Search engine optimization isn't foreign policy, I figured I was capable of leading people to a website if I put their predicted Google key words into my article a couple times. Isn't that how it works? Crock of horse molasses.

I'm over it. I've already signed up for another site like it: HubPages. The idea is you write "Hubs", which are articles with pictures and videos, really detailed and informative. If people go to your articles page and click on the ads, you get paid. There is no writing sample, you just log in and you're there, ready to go. I haven't written any Hubs yet, but I've got a couple ideas. I should make a brainstorming thread in the forums....

I haven't heard back from the Abstract Quill about the contest. Hopefully they got my e-mail, I'm not sure if they were supposed to confirm the entry or not, but May 25th is the date the winners will be announced. If I win I'll win $100 and I'll be published in their first newsletter. I'll know soon.

The other contest on Scribophile is still ongoing. That entry, called "Words Are Prizes" I have posted below. If I win that I'll receive $50. I'd be happy with 2nd place--$25 and, of course, recognition.

I think I just want to be noticed. And paid.


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