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Unlimited Potential

Humans are born with an innate ability to make ANYTHING possible.

If you think about it, we have absolutely no idea what it was like to live in the 1700's; people in the 1700's had no idea what it was like to live in the 1400's; so on, ect.

It's actually a total mindfuck to think about what we've accomplished as a race over the past 5000 or so years. My friend who is a devout religious fanatic lives by the biblical representation of the past, and although I tell him to his face he has the mindset of a fucking seven year old child, he still lashes out against the concept of the earth being billions of years old, or the age of the universe being attainable through human science.

I get to a certain point where I tune him out when he goes on his little religious rants. Shit is ridiculous, honestly, how someone can have the intelligence to understand the cohesion between our lives and science, and yet still have the audacity to define their existence based off of a book written over 2000 years ago by people who thought that the stars were going to fall out of the sky if God was angry at them.


Still, I can't sit here and say that the ability of the human mind has grown in much capacity over the centuries. Honestly, if you look at some of the retards that walk around your city, you might have a laugh or two at their expense; this isn't just a human trait, either.

One time I was walking in a parking lot which was filled with seagulls, and one randomly flew into a light fixture and broke its neck. I swear to all fuck that every single gull in that parking lot started laughing like a hyena.

We all as living creatures have a "benchmark" to reach, which was set by those before us in terms of physical and mental acuity. There were thousands of thousands of people who came before us with just as much (if not more) cognitive ability as those that will likely be born in the next 100+ years.

The difference is in our upbringing and the elements that we have at our disposal to learn from, as well as the things that we need to accomplish in order to move forward.

When you look at some of the infrastructure we have right now, you start to realize that the foundations of that infrastructure were founded centuries ago, and those infrastructures were developed in direct response to previous ones that were either not good enough, or harmful.

More than anything else, we have multiple cultures that developed independently and grew in different ways entirely, and yet still managed to achieve (in many cases) the same advancements when given the correct stimulus.

We as a race are not the only ones, but every creature on earth has the potential to do something truly profound. Evolution as a concept is more than just a physical change; it happens within the confines of DNA itself, and can affect any creature in ways that differentiate from the norm.

When you deny evolution, you deny the exact thing that led to existence becoming what it is today. To accept that there were dinosaurs, or that there were unicorns, or that there's a bigfoot, is hardly different than accepting evolution in all honesty.

This world (perhaps this universe as a whole) is a breeding ground for life in all of its forms and facets. To deny that we are built of millions of tiny organisms working together in tandem to provide our bodies with the proper foundation they need to exist is the same thing as denying evolution.

The next step in our evolution is a confusing idea. Ever since we fucked the Cro-Magnons out of existence, we haven't really had any special stimulus to advance the productivity of our development as a species; everything has been external. We've become happy with what we have at our disposal, and although we DO have individual members of our race who are capable of creating things from abstract thought, we are far from greater than we were 2000, or even 3000 years ago from an intelligence-based standpoint than we may think we are.

There's not much left to do except expand on what we already have at our disposal. Our bodies and minds are already as advanced as they need to be in this environment. We've changed the world around us in such a profound way that it will NEVER be the same unless we're gone, period.

Even then, it will take a long time until everything we've accomplished is underground - but it WILL happen... eventually.

With the potential we have at our disposal, we can move outward into the stars. We can grow beyond our own limitations through mechanical augmentation, and we can expand our intelligence through networking across the ENTIRE POPULATION (minus some third-world/exclusive countries).

This changed the dynamic of our development.

WE changed the dynamic of our development.

What can we do next that's unprecedented?

It took THOUSANDS of years for a human to develop a backpack with bird-like wings that could ACTUALLY carry a human being through the air.

We can't even understand the nuances behind some of the worlds oldest technologies. What these individuals were capable of, at the time, was what led us to this point in our existence.

Think of the translation from phonograph to compact disc to dvd to blue ray.

Think of the translation from steam, to gas, to electric, to nuclear.

We develop more, newer, better things, but we don't develop ourselves.

It's kind of saddening if you think about it.

You don't have to be religious, or even care about the afterlife to want to progress as a human (or society as a whole). We're fucking stagnating in this world of emotional bullshit and weak-minded fully grown children who never knew hardship in their life.

I look at one person for guidance into the future.

I feel as though this particular individual will go down in history as someone who truly helped the human race develop into its final stages before we all kill each other.



Intriguing premise of conversation Rhythm you have really made me think. Humans have a great propensity for many things yet we tend to stick to what we know for the most part, in my opinion this is very sad.
There's a lot to digest in what you wrote. Personally, I do not believe in the "perfectibility of man." I think we're the same knuckle-dragging mouth breathers that we were 10,000 years ago. We've got new tools, new toys and better weapons to kill each other. That's it.
Now, look at mother and child. After the last Ice Age, a hunter-gatherer mother swaddles her child in a mammoth pelt, coos and rocks her child to sleep. Today, a mother hands her kid an IPhone and goes back to hit the pipe. Yeah, we've come a long way, baby.
BTW: That video was EXCELLENT!

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