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two people i came across the other night on the waterfront...

a homeless guy asked me for spare change so i gave him a quid and shared a ciggy with him..i said what stops you from jumping in the river..he replied lets do it together then looking out over the water and watching the ferry come in a guy was talking in a distressed way on his mobile..why,why...the next time i looked he was gone...took a few pictures then went home.


Always love your blogs man. Beautiful bits of life. Reminds me of last year, when I was in Cincinatti. Met one of my favorite bands, Jimmy Eat World. Shook hands with them, took a couple pictures... then not even 30 minutes later I was sitting on the ground with a homeless guy outside the venue, talking to him, gave him a $20. Funny how life works man.
Dude it's all how your feeling in it...When your down its all so insignificant but when your in the mood it has a different appeal...We all live interesting lives an crap ones...Ha,ha
So much writing material, although all happy, at your very fingertips. Makes my life seem so sheltered.

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