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Two Mintes of Hate

Everyone wants to be right. Factually, morally, correct. There's a certain contentment with being right. And it often degrades into smugness.
Of course, if you are right, someone else is wrong. Now, They are The Other.
Since They are wrong, they are less than you. Derogatory labels are flung about such as "uninformed", "closed-minded" and "bigoted". Those that are wrong are not only factually in error, but they are morally dangerous. They are a threat to a civil society. They may have a "right" to speak, but The Other is never to be taken seriously.

Recently, there has been too much focus on fictitious "super villains" that will take away your freedom. But you've already given it away. By picking a side, digging in and shutting your mind, you've handed victory to the real evil. People are so worried about the the next Hitler, they forgot that the real power was Goebbels.

We're all being played. Pitted against one another. To who's benefit? You'll have to answer that one for yourself.

Emmanuel Goldstein probably never existed. But the hate for him was real.
Unclench your fist. Turn your back. Walk away.


I don't see that someone must right or wrong, it's simply a difference of opinion, that's all. What's to get fired up about? Let's agree to differ, i say.
The sad reality is prejudice is studied in psychology that has to do with jokes and something such as this is neglectful and has negative future impacts on the human lives of others who must live with these problems. If it has to do with spreading a joke, for example which has been extensively studied. If the person spreads a joke, they for example form a negative opinion of the joked cultural group. It spreads. There is this phenomenon called emotional infection, and it is studied in the sociology of emotions, which is a subfield. Negative feelings move greater up the ladder to a range of emotions, that can have repercussions. Imagine hate crimes, and other such things, it has its implications for criminology. It's not a mystery to me by what I have lived since I sort of became a victim of this sort of hate that made them commit a crime without repair. Really the hate is like fuel for other forms of ignorance, and commits these kind of atrocities to people. For which there are humanitarian causes. Durkheim had this brilliance as the founder of sociology. In addition you fuel hate, it's like the word says, you might not heal the person, and thus encourage them to do fall into some kind of misfortune, like said victim of crime. Also durkhiem for those who don't know the person was the founder of sociology and jail systems, and was the most influential sociologist of our times. So to make someone's life worse out of exchange for thinking freely is naive. Sorry for a rant on opinions but what happens is real and is not to me unreal or unheard off.
most people are like sheep..and from personal experience i could never get into the group mentality of your either with us or against us...for the most part people are scared of being alone on all levels and will hide in the crowd...one often see's the similarity between humans and animals and yet we have evolved further than them but not in all things..

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