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Tut, Tut, And All That Glitters

I am now convinced that people will complain about anything. And yes, I'm complaining about people that complain. Hypocrite, guilty as charged.

Still, I try to at least reserve my complaining for things that really suck. Y'know, rain on a Saturday. Or bad Chinese food. Or any Madonna album. Y'get the idea.

What I don't get is some of the trash talk I hear about the King Tutankhamen exhibit here in Seattle. I saw it last weekend with my family. It was just short of outstanding. And I suppose there's the rub.

I am not an optimist. Not only do I usually see the glass half-empty, but it's kinda dirty and chipped (if you look close). So, when I read some of the bad reviews online, I was kinda thinking that maybe some of these people have their shorts on waaaaay too tight. Here's a link, if you feel like a little whine with dinner:

Now, there are some valid criticisms. There's also a lot of nit-picking dimwits that need to get a life. Or at least learn to appreciate life.

Me? I thought it was great. You can get right up to most of the artifacts, and observe every detail. The stuff is thousands of years old. And as long as you're not a jerk acting like a bull in a china shop, no one will hassle you.

Too many people are over-ready to throw out the good for want of the perfect. I just appreciate the opportunity my family and I had to see some ancient treasures.
It was worth it.


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