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Turn it around,,, but how? PIFFLE ALERT and Apology in advance

What is it with me and buses?
Just a short trip to my nearest "Morrisons",
shopping to the old Eagles Track "long run",
i get on the bus to come home,
and by the time i get off the bus,
my head is awash,
spinning, a maelstrom, a tornado in my head.
I sit leaning with my head against the window,
not licking it i hasten to add,
and i think.
i ruminate, cogitate, wonder, self analyze,
and the more i think,
the less i know.

I saw Daffs today, Crocuses,
Pansies, Primroses,
and the Snowbells are still hanging in there.

I sat and pondered the concept of fulfillment,
my inability to feel fulfilled,
and maybe it really is all in the mind.
Getting whatever it is that one wants.
If only i knew from one day to the next,
what it is that i actually want.
Maybe i should try turning that around.
Instead of trying to get what i want,
maybe i need to learn to want what i got.
Easy to say huh!

Confusion reigns,
and i dither.

I'm sorry,
just venting.


You're a thinker dither, and I really enjoy your observations... right up until the point that you apologise for them! :dog:
Thanks Gargh,
i appreciate your saying.
I just,
i'd hate for you guys to be thinking "oh you stupid old bugger, get a life".

I think,
and i dither.

I DO hope to get an ongoing thing started in "how was your week" eventually.

I expected, presumed, so much, and it just didn't happen.
You just never know.:neutral:

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