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Trump's Future

Here are my predictions:
∙ He’ll get grumpier.
∙ Something will go wrong, and he’ll make it worse.
∙ His blind trust will have eyes.
∙ He and facts will remain strangers.
∙ He won’t win the Nobel Peace Prize.
∙ His policies will be based on The Gong Show.
∙ He’ll create full employment for journalists.
∙ He’ll never aim before he fires.
∙ His tweets will bite him.
∙ McConnell and Ryan will control his agenda.
∙ He’ll retaliate for criticism and give new meaning to “reactionary.”
∙ He’ll get nowhere with Putin.
∙ There will be no wall.
∙ He’ll promote “pretend reform” of Obamacare.
∙ He’ll take credit for what he had nothing to do with.
∙ He’ll make heroes of those he criticizes.
∙ He’ll continue to believe that all publicity is good.
∙ He’ll make himself the issue, by making himself the center of every issue.
∙ Bureaucracy will leak all over him.
∙ No one will name a school after him.
∙ He’ll never accept responsibility
∙ He’ll never verify.
∙ He’ll make enemies faster than friends in his own Party.
∙ He’ll invade every news cycle.
∙ Judges will hem him in, and Generals will repudiate him.
∙ He’ll accuse others of what he’s doing.
∙ He won’t admit he’s a minority President.
∙ Deregulation will have unintended consequences.
∙ He’ll never understand “consent of the governed” or the Constitution.
∙ He won’t “have a plan for defeating ISIS in my first 31 days in office.”
∙ He’ll appoint deadheads to departments he wants to de-institutionalize and plutocrats to departments he wants to unleash.
∙ He’ll suffer from his appointments.
∙ His economic policies will backfire, and his tax plans will be co-opted.
∙ Mexico won’t fold, Europe will reject him, and China will ignore him.
∙ He’ll impose “don’t ask, don’t tell” on the press.
∙ He’ll continue to do whatever he wants; demonstrations will be continuous.
∙ Fund-raising for his re-election will begin immediately; he’ll make money from this.
∙ He’ll get richer, his kids will get richer, the rich will get richer, corporations will get richer.
∙ Deregulating banks will produce another crash.
∙ Fake news from him will produce fake news about him.
∙ He’ll cross the line so often he’ll forget where it is.
∙ Only the incredible will credit the incredible.
∙ Having unleashed hate, he’ll find he can’t control it.
∙ His “mandate” will be questioned continuously.
∙ He’ll claim voter fraud.
∙ He’ll blame immigrants and the undeserving poor for all of our problems.
∙ He’ll continue to insist on his own set of facts; this will evoke fact checks on live TV.
∙ He’ll never release his taxes voluntarily.
∙ His first 100 days will end without major achievements.
∙ “Dump trump” will be a slogan in 2020.
∙ Even the politically correct will compare him to Hitler.
∙ His connections with Russia will be investigated.
∙ He’ll suffer Bill Cosby’s and John Gotti’s fate and for the same reason, overexposure.
∙ Congress will investigate his taxes and ties to Russia.
∙ He’ll be known for the most scandalous Administration since Teapot Dome.
∙ After he leaves office, he’ll attack his successor, unless he’s in jail.
∙ He’ll learn the meaning of Karma.
My confidence in these is high, because some of them have already happened and because poets are prophets with the will to see. But whether he’ll be impeached is beyond my pay grade; I wouldn’t rule it out, or a war, or a civil war here, where there are more guns than people. These are good reasons for an American to keep a passport up to date; mine is. Otherwise, enduring is enough, and love is the best revenge.


I'd like to add to that

∙ And people will still mistakenly believe that Hillary would've been "so much better".

It's tempting to move, but since I believe in what this country was *supposed* to stand for, I probably won't.
Assassination is not the answer. Especially when you've got Mike "The Gays Can Be Made Normal Again" Pence of all people ready to take his spot.

Regardless, the fact of the matter is that this has nothing to do with lesser-of-two-evils. The option was between a douche and a turd-sandwich, as South Park so eloquently put it. If Hillary had been elected, people would be asking where John Wilkes Booth is. If Bernie had been elected, people would be asking where Otto Skorzeny is.

Trump was never going to drain the swamp, Hillary is a criminal who needed a rigged primary, and Bernie was going to feed an already fat, obese social-program and welfare-state.

Restructure the schools so that they educate instead of indoctrinate. Denounce the extremists on both ends by getting over the childish and unintelligent football team / You Vs. I mentality. Stop voting for pre-ordained leaders. And stand up for the Constitution. The whole system needs fixing. Thinking that having some bullshit political party, or one person in the oval office is going to magically make all the problems disappear is naiive, especially with "choices" like that.
"A house divided against itself cannot stand."


Yeah, we had two bad choices this past election. If America hadn't come together in WW11, how would it have ended? Both sides have things I agree with - personal responsibility is good, but there should be room for compassion and understanding. There's a lot of greed and selfishness out there.
We got involved with our across the street neighbor because of her kids. She took drugs, sold her kid's welfare to buy more drugs, refused to take her medicine (she's bipolar), lost her kids to the state, now has five kids with different fathers (some don't know who the father is), and stole our identity. I don't know how much of this is going on, but I have a feeling it's a lot.

However, if some people don't get a hand up to get them started ,they become a drain on the system.

Then there are drug companies charging too much for drugs, Wall Streeter's stiffing their clients, ect.

Actually, I don't feel good about the USA's future - unfortunately, I have no answers. Working together to solve problems would be a start.
Smith, you know you said something profound when Plastic and I agree on something. We do have to find a way to stop fighting each other and look for common ground. I guess a perfect scenario would be to somehow get Pence to resign (for the good of the party) and impeach Trump. That would put Paul Ryan in the White House and I think most of us, liberal or conservative, would agree he is a well-meaning man.

As for the future of the United States, well, I guess that's for we the people to decide (If it isn't already too late).
When I saw this was your Blog, James, I knew it would be on the money. Pun intended. Thanks for the brilliance. Sas
My Trump prediction:

He will soon reveal himself to be God.
The religious will fill his basket with alms, in gratitude.

Does anyone remember the movie Network where Howard Beale says he's mad and he's not going to take it anymore, then is transformed into some sort of TV messiah? Interesting parallels forty years later it seems.
Smith;bt8917 said:
Assassination is not the answer. Especially when you've got Mike "The Gays Can Be Made Normal Again" Pence of all people ready to take his spot.

Of course, I might have been referring to Oswald Mosley :)
Guy goes to heaven. There is Donald giving rallies. Standing ovations ticker tape parades. The guy is amazed
Is that Donald Trump ? He asked. One of the angels turns and says
its God.
He just thinks he's Donald Trump

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