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Trump's America

The KKK is ecstatic (they endorsed Trump, meaning they felt the words, attitudes and policies of Trump were in line with the goals of white supremacy), Al Qaeda and ISIS are rejoicing on social media, civil rights leaders are devastated, minorities and LGBT persons are terrified, violence against Muslims is already being reported, and women are afraid to even wear the hijab in public. Calls to suicide prevention hotlines spiked to unprecedented numbers.

That last bit? One woman wrote in response: "The hotline call-staff should just let the phones ring away, who care if far-left LGBT radical socialist people end their life." She's not alone. Nearly every single response to the article was in the same vein. Trump's thugs jeering and mocking and reveling in the extreme emotional pain of others.

A "vocal minority."

This is Trump's America. If you voted for him, this is what you voted for. I hope it's worth it.

Suicide is not "just politics."


That's interesting. Very very sad if true. But, just a continuation on a trend then?

Suicide rates in America have been increasing for the past 15 years with a sharp spike in the last 10. Most of these are from the white middle-class Americans located in the rust belt, the same exact people who have felt abandoned by the american government and voted for Trump. Not because they like the man but because he he proposed to change a government that's forgotten about them for decades.

I'm not sticking up for Trump or his supporters. Just making sure you have all the facts.

I agree that the woman who wrote that response is a horrible person.
Actually it was specifically talking about a spike in the final hour or so of the election, when it became clear that Trump would win. I think something like 90% of callers reported it was due to the election.

Suicide rates in America have been increasing for the past 15 years with a sharp spike in the last 10. Most of these are from the white middle-class Americans located in the rust belt, the same exact people who have felt abandoned by the american government and voted for Trump

I had known of the rising rates, but not that it was concentrated in that particular demographic. Do you happen to have a link to the statistics handy? All I'm able to find with a cursory search are numbers regarding age and gender.
I didn't vote for him, but do wonder about why different people (including minorities and women) voted for Trump. There's always a minority that can be violent in any election, but not all are like that. I can understand why people wanted a change from the old tired polices of the entrenched government (Dem and Republican). Hillary was not one I would have chosen to lead the Dem ticket, and I think her past hurt her badly, true or not.
Behne Gyarachu,

I don't usually get into the blogs, but seeing how the situation slammed you thought I might add a tempering thought.

Maybe it's my view as a naturalist and/or the different culture I was nurtured in, but I see humankind as only a variation of life form, all with the same inherent drives. We've certainly proved time and again that our ballyhooed intelligence isn't superior. I've always found it better to see reality for what it is and move on from there. If you're a student of history, you'll see we have a tendency for knee jerk reactions.

In this case people were presented with a choice between corrupt politics and a seemingly complete fool. I think a fair number of people reacted in spite to the choice presented them. I was tempted, being any candidates that saw a problem with our pyramid scheme economic model were shut out.

Do you remember when Jesse Ventura was elected governor of Minnesota in 1998. His platform was don't vote for politics as usual, and the electorate being fed up agreed. There was a fair amount of second guessing immediately afterward, but as it turned out he did a bit of good, reforming property taxes, cutting income taxes, rebating sales taxes, even improving mass transportation.

No two people or situations are exactly alike, so seeing what Trump actually does, given the conflicting restrictions of the office, is something that will have to play out.

To me this has been another example (think back to Rome) of humankind's materialistic ways blinding any foresight of where they are headed. There are much bigger problems to address, if only we had the real intelligence to face them. Some figurehead isn't going to make that much difference, where as working towards a critical mass of realistic understanding just might.

If you want something to worry about, consider that since the industrial revolution humans have burned through enough fossil fuels to add some 365 billion metric tons of carbon to the atmosphere, with deforestation contributing another 180 billion tons. All of this has lead to a concentration of carbon dioxide in the air today, at levels higher than at any other point in the last eight hundred thousand years , and possibly in the last several million years. Such played a significant role in two of five great extinctions, and possibly a third. In a special issue of the journal Oceanography devoted to acidification (carbon dioxide absorbed into the oceans), there was a modeling based paper about continuing along our present path much longer. The conclusion being that the Anthropocene** could well mark the most cataclysmic event in the history of life on our planet. Of course the deniers have alternate interpretations, with the same kind of rational the creationists fight evolution.

Focusing on only one aspect, horror writers could come up with a doozy of a story about the revenge of the trees :)

Welcome to humanity :) If I didn't think you had the intelligence to understand, I wouldn't have replied ;-)

** Sometime when I have time, I might get into how the current geological period was named the Anthropocene ;-)
midnightpoet;bt8017 said:
I didn't vote for him, but do wonder about why different people (including minorities and women) voted for Trump.

They felt the other options didn't represent them. We need to understand this if we want to avoid repeating the same things over and over. It's not new. People have been saying it for a good while now, and acting accordingly, particularly online, for years, yet still the general response is "you're stupid/racist/ignorant/whatever". We need some accord in the world in spite of those things, not divisiveness because of them, otherwise, what? We let undesirable personality traits define everything. Not good.
That's exactly right bdcharles.

Trump repeatedly said he was going to build a wall and make the Mexicans pay for it. But you know what? He had a large amount of Mexican voters, in Texas of all places, supporting him. Why? Because the government in recent years shut down the oil drilling in Texas along with the jobs that went with the drilling. Most of those jobs were held by Mexicans.

Trump told them he'd start the drilling again and they'd get their jobs back. Now, who knows if he'll do this or not but at least to the Mexican drillers he offers a chance. A chance they were never going to get with Hillary.

I'm not trying to debate on pros and cons of oil drilling or which candidate was a better choice. I'm just giving you insight on why a particular group of people who clearly should be against a candidate for one reason, would actually support him for another.

In basic psychology it's referred to Maslow's hierarchy of needs. It shows you what motivates a person's behavior. You can see it here: http://www.simplypsychology.org/maslow.html

Sure they hate that he's talking about this wall and it goes against their morals but it's more important that they have food in their bellies and a roof over their head. Once they have that, they can focus on other goals.

It's easy to forget when we are sitting at our computer desks, in our apartments/houses, after eating a full dinner, that large groups of people are more concerned with where their next meal is coming from or if the lights are getting shut off to be outraged over what someone said on a bus or who's emailing who.
the guy's a button pusher and that might just shake the political system to it's core but the mob have spoken and democracy triumphs
but the mob have spoken and democracy triumphs

Well that's actually not true. "The mob" chose Hillary; she got more votes. However, due to the way the electoral college system works, Trump was elected. So it wasn't really Democracy that triumphed but Representative Republicanism or Democratic Republicanism or whatever it's called that triumphed.

EDIT: Something relevant and interesting to note I came across in this article: Technically speaking, Clinton could still win the Presidency. The votes that actually elect the President under our system are the votes by the Electoral College, and the members of the Electoral College are not actually constitutionally bound to vote according to the outcome of the election. They may still vote their conscience. The article quotes Alexander Hamilton as saying the system was designed so that "the office of president will never fall to the lot of any man who is not in an eminent degree endowed with the requisite qualifications."

Now, the Electoral College doing such a thing is incredibly unlikely, but if by some miracle it did, it would put Trump's supporters in an awkward spot. They could either continue to support the system, under which the electorates' actions are permitted and they therefore must accept their election of Clinton; or they can reject the system, reverting to the popular vote which Clinton wins. Of course, most would likely take the third path and explode in anger.

There is also the more (but still virtually not) real possibility the electorates who vote their conscience vote for a different candidate altogether, in which case neither Clinton nor Trump may get the required 270 votes and the House of Representatives will elect the President, possibly a Republican other than Trump, but probably Trump.

So it's all not much to hope for, but if I must accept the Electoral College, I suppose I'll cling to the last hope that the final fail-safe to keep people like Trump out of office succeeds.
one person one vote... in the uk they came out in the droves to vote on brexit and the political machine is still sruggling to come to terms with people power and are using all the powers they can muster to overturn the result....democracy is not perfect dude
I have the George Carlin mentality. I'm just sittin back and watching the freak show...

But it would have been the same if Hillary won anyway...

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