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Trump lays out his impeachment defense strategy

Donald Trump is being charged with two articles of impeachment: Abuse of power and obstruction or congress. We have received information about his defense strategy, as listed below.

  1. Donald Trump couldn’t have abused power because the House of Representatives is run by dirty disgusting Democrats.
  2. Donald Trump couldn’t have obstructed Congress because Adam Shiff is a pencil-neck geek, Jerrold Nadler is short and fat, and Nancy Pelosi is deranged.
Case closed! It was all just a witch-hunt and a hoax! And Ukraine is just a made up country! Yeah, that's the ticket! The Democrats made it up for their hoax! And the Democrats need to calm down! They're out of control! AAAAAhhhhh!!!


I'm very fair with my hatred for Democrats and Republicans. Mommy and daddy taught me how to share.

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