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Travelling By Plane - Rant Warning

I don't mind travelling by plane and I am quite happy to queue and be subjected to strict security checks but what I do object to is being made to arrive at the airport for a two hour check-in only to discover there is no where to sit while you wait. Yes, that's right: nowhere to sit.

That, and of course queue jumping...

On Sunday, we arrived at Lyon airport only to discover the already meager seating arrangements of metal chairs bolted in rows had been replaced by a few trendy plastic bench seats with no backs. I say a few because if there were enough seats for twenty passengers I am being generous. So we either faced sitting on the floor or standing for nearly two hours. Mr. Pip swore at the stupidly of trendy designers who were probably just out of nappies and only interested in the aesthetics rather than supply proper seats for travelers, especially the elderly and infirm. My husband while not elderly certainly cannot stand for very long due to an arthritic disease of the spine so even if a seat became available could not sit on trendy seats for any length of time.

Then there are the queues through passport control, immigration and baggage-check. Why do people think just because they have a speedy boarding card with Easy Jet it gives them the right to arrive late and then jump all queues rather than those pertaining to the relevant airline?

'No, Sir. The orange card you are waving in my face while trying to knock me out of the way only gives you 'Speedy Boarding' to your flight on EasyJet!'
'Dees cards ar British invention'
'Yes, Sir. And so is politely queuing to take your turn'

Onwards... :)


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