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Too old for this ****

I work outside, in all weathers, all night. Barely getting five hours sleep per day and i'm being leaned on to work overtime.
Body-parts passed aching a long time ago. I'm hurting, both mentally and physically
I'm barely getting five hours sleep per day and i struggle to find time to go to the toilet.
It really is, "too much".
I've always been fit/healthy and active, maybe a little too active but what's a bloke too do?
Can't just say "that's it. I quit. I've had enough".
Maybe i'll be one of those people who suddenly keel over, out of the blue, and leave my place of work in a body-bag.
Until then, it's a struggle.

And the other night, you're not going to believe this.
As i was on my way to work. Having caught my bus to Barkton i decided to walk the rest. when suddenly, i heard someone yell out from a passing van.
I didn't hear what he said the first time;
I replied.
"Which way to the globe ( local cinema )"
Please would've been nice.
"Keep going straight ahead until you hit the roundabout, take a left and you'll see it on the right hand side".
"Straight on and left at the roundabout?"
The passenger checked that he'd heard me correctly.
Then the driver, a young lad, shouted something through the window at me but i didn't catch what he'd said.
"Fancy a shag?"
I just turned and walked, bracing myself for trouble but it never came and they went on their merry, or should i say "gay" ? Way.

So now, here i am. I've had about four and a hour's sleep. The jacket-spuds a cooking and i prep'ing for the final shift of another grueling week.
I really am, too old for this.



Dither you looking at this all wrong.

Imagine you are in charge of advertising for a fancy men's cologne.

You take a middle aged man, tired, overworked, every muscle hurts; his hair is a mess, and it is the end of a very long day.

he looks in the mirror, and stares back at his reflection and says" I am getting to old for this!" and then slaps on a little Dither Cologne. There is a spark of life that shows up in his eyes, his skin tightens and he walks down the street, rejuvenated and refreshed.

A young lady hollers out the window of a car as she passes. " Hey want a shag?"

You just smile and wink at the camera, "Just a splash of Dither and I have to chase them off."

Dither Cologne expensive, but worth every penny. Get some at the today and change your life.
Great post plasticweld,

might offer a more real take on that tomorrow.

Hey Amal.

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