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Too Comfortable

This new job is almost exactly what I expected. And that's a problem.

I'm so used to being lied to, abused, mislead and generally mistreated by my former employers. It's usually subtle, causing a stress build-up and general crappy quality of life.

However, this job is almost too good.
I'm never forced to work overtime. I earn a copious amount of time off AND I can actually use it! We all get three hours of paid time to work out during the week. I'm treated with respect, asked to perform tasks and often thanked. I've been provided and encouraged to take training that makes me a more valuable employee. The pay is average, but the benefits are great. I come home on time, every day, help with the cooking and chores and spend time with my family. Every day.

So why would I ever want to leave? That's the problem.
Every other job I could apply for would be a lot more hassle for a little more money. I've learned that extra money doesn't make up for lost sleep, twitches, and general stress related anxiety. Again, why would I?

I'm at the point in my life that I don't feel like I need to prove anything to anyone. A "high-status" job is as nonsensical to me as a luxury car and expensive house. I don't need to sell my soul for there is nothing that I wish to purchase. I am in a dead-end job. And I never want to leave.


That's awesome that they give you paid time to exercise! Don't think I've heard of a company doing that before.
Sleepwriter;bt6425 said:
That's awesome that they give you paid time to exercise! Don't think I've heard of a company doing that before.

The concept is that if they invest in our physical fitness / well being, we'll be more productive. My take is that those that are likely to take care of themselves (like me) will take advantage of the program. Those that don't see the point, won't. You can't force that kind of behavior, or work ethic. Some get it. Some don't.
sometimes man things work out just fine and while it might not be perfect it could be just what you need..cool

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