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To new beginnings.

So as 2016 draws to a close we all, each and everyone of us looks backwards over the year, so here is to looking forward; to new possibilities, options and opinions.

Here is to new stories, poems and articles that we express our individual thoughts and feelings.

Here is to another year of adventure, mischief and dangers.

I say to you all here at Writing Forums have fantastic celebrations this eve as tomorrow is a new day, a new year,

I hope that everyone has a grand but safe new years eve and good luck to us all for 2017 may it bring joy and happiness to all.



The same to you as well. Every year brings about hope. It is an excuse to do things you should, and an excuse to stop doing things you shouldn't.
I have given up my vice of smoking already :) so I suppose this year I will work to stop biting my nails.

Lovely words.
Same to you good luck for this comming year :) I have left my years of mischief and danger behind in real life however my imagination takes me on adventures daily and those can be filled with both mischief and danger.All the best Kaminoshiyo.

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