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To end or not to end?

I've been at a sticking point in my WIP for a couple of days now.

I'm near the end of the novel (98K words of a planned approximately 100K).

* I've just wrapped up three subplots.

* I have two minor plot points I might address, or I might touch on them and leave their resolution for a possible sequel ... these are character arcs.

* I have one subplot left to address, but like the character arcs, I could touch on it and leave it as the reason for a sequel.

* And I have the climax to move into and resolve.

Having just wrapped up the three subplots, I have to decide if I need to give the reader a little space before I move into the climax. I also have to decide if the reader will feel cheated if I don't resolve that last, lingering subplot.

I can absolutely finish this book in the next 2-3K words, so I have to decide if that will feel rushed.

I don't always have these decisions to make at the end of a novel, but it does come up, and this one has more than normal for me.

This is a time for patience while I sort out the issues by as much thinking as it takes, and I am not, by nature, a patient person.

Well, back to it ...

* The image is free clip-art from clipart-library.com.


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