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'Tis The Season.

It is not the season to be jolly. That's from late November to New Years. You can tell it's over when you're hung over and drowning in debt.
So, until the third week of November, no "jolly". Just don't.

Well, that's just stupid, right? Why do we have ANY holiday seasons?

We're just in the middle of "patriotic season". Dust off your Old Glory and fire up a grill, just like Abe and George did. And don't forget the beer! Nothing says love-of-country like excessive belching and frequent urination. If Thomas Jefferson had a speedboat, you'd best believe he'd be towing Sally, Martha and the gang on tubes down the Potomac. 'Merica.

Then, there's those other "minor" seasons. There's that one you remember that you love people and buy them useless flowers. And the "get scared" season where waifs walk up to your door and extort you. My favorite is the one holiday that answers the question "What Would Jesus do?". Well, he'd buy peeps and chocolate bunnies (and dye eggs, just like Pilate did). Just remember to wash your hands afterward.

In all seriousness, we do not need a season to remember to be thankful, or love one another. I'm patriotic as hell, and it cheeses me that folks need an excuse to fly their flag. And when they do, they fly it for almost a week before realizing that "they lost that lovin' their country feeling".
Will these Sunshine Patriots fly the flag on Veteran's Day? No. Wrong season. It's time to scrape-up the rotten pumpkins and buy a frozen turkey.

If you love someone, do you just buy them gifts on holidays? If you love your country, is there a special time to show that love?

When I become World Despot, each Holiday will be one day. Not weeks-on-end of gluttony, fake sincerity and consumer orgies.
If you love something, (like a holiday) set it free. If it dies alone in a ditch, chocking on it's own celebratory vomit, give thanks.


yeah, I read somewhere that if it weren't for Christmas, the American economy would collapse. If it weren't for President's day, what excuse would mattress and furniture stores have for a sale? The new golden rule - he who has the gold makes the rules. And right, we don't need a holiday to show our love for country, family (or God for that matter).
If they had a World Flag, I would fly it. I fly a Rainbow Flag which represents inclusiveness.

And, on Dec 14, my Hedonismas Tree (the real meaning of Xmas...only Atheists admit it) is dark, in remembrance of all those little children mowed down at Sandy Hook, and forgotten. None, in my family, allow their tree to light that day. Never will.

My favorite holiday tradition is at Thanksgiving, when each family member says what they were Thankful for that year. I will never forget when my 11 year old granddaughter said she was thankful for her 9 year old sister (who is quite energetic). She said the house would be boring without her.

As for the 4th of July, I can do without the bombs bursting in air.

Best. Sas
I suppose that my muddled point was this: If you truly believe in something, it isn't just for a day nor a week. It's part of who you are. And you should live that.

sas, I would simply encourage your 11 year old granddaughter to express her admiration at other times to her sister. Keeping anger bottled up is not healthy. Keeping love to one's self is no better. If we can do anything for our next generation, teaching that is a good start.

Our culture today is too much like "The Purge". Just get it out of your system, then move on.
Fly your rainbow flag. Whenever you want. I'm sincere when I say that I like that (even though I don't do that myself). We need a world of passionate people that are willing to exchange ideas in a civil manner. We don't need warring camps that come out on specific days just to yell and taunt.

sas, this house would be less energetic and more boring without you. Thanks.
Oh, and Happy Fake Moon Landing Day!

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