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Time to get writing

My Masters has been an excellent experience so far. The city I'm in is enjoyable, quiet, and quaint. I'm learning a lot about laboratory techniques and learning a lot about food safety policies as well. A glimmer of affection may or may not be blossoming between a certain individual in a lab, although I will have to be patient and tend the connections between us prudently. I'm also facing a lot of old problems as well, one by one with varying degrees of success, and learning to be easier on myself. It's all been a series of challenges, some more achievable or overwhelming than others.

That being said, I'm going to sit down and actually write this bloody novel over the holidays. I've been trying to write it for five years now. It's gone from all sorts of genres and topics, but now, I think I have the core premises down. Now, it's a matter of discipline and hard work to get this thing to completion. The world really could really use another urban fantasy after all.

All the best to everyone with their writing and holidays!


Great to hear from you, Guy! Good luck with the novel and and the glimmer of hope :)
It good to hear from you-- The world does need another urban fantasy-yours- get cracking:)

rcallaci;bt4960 said:
It good to hear from you-- The world does need another urban fantasy-yours- get cracking:)


You always know what to say, Bob. I'm on it :D

Schrody;bt4965 said:
Urban Fantasy? Stealing my ideas, eh, Guy? ;) Tell us more!

Not just yours XD

It's a story about an investigative unit exploring the paranormal. I won't disclose too many more trade secrets after that. You can find out when it gets published in a month or so.

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