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Time to be a man again

Time to be a Man (again)

August 28, 2001. My life changed or at least started the decline of my sanity. That's when I started my 10 year sentence. I finished it August 26, 2011. I was released on a Friday because Texas is passionate and doesn't release inmates on the weekend. So I was freed "a little early". In those 10 years I accumulated page upon page, notebook upon notebook of my stay behind bars. A diary of sorts, my thoughts, my fears, my hopes, my fantasies. Words from a dying, desperate man who missed so much of his old life. Please allow me to enter your life with what happened in mine. I hope my words can help someone understand what they are going through. I am no expert and don't profess to being one. I'm just someone who lost love and fell apart and made a very bad choice that affected so many of those I was supposed to love. Please visit my blog as often as you can and keep up with my struggles to re-enter your world, my old world. Soon my goal is to publish a book on my time behind bars and my views on things. On my thoughts on the victim(s) and the silent victim, those we inmates leave behind. Our families, friends, love ones. The true victims the innocent victims, the silent ones. Those who lived and still live in shame because a parent decided to cope with life the easy way through crime. I can and never will be able to say sorry enough to those I love. In saying that my struggle continues today. Please comment on any of my blog. I need to know if any of this makes sense to you my readers. Take Care.


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