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three people

guy got on the train stop i use to stand at and i always wondered what he did with his large drawing pad tucked under his arm come clear or windy times.He sat on the window seat opposite me and i noticed a badge on his lapel which read 100% scouse.Next stop a man with that stale ale smell sat facing me and he looked up the train and asked a woman is that dog a learcher but i never heard a reply so he looked at me and said he could do with a dog to catch the rats that get into his place...we exchanged a few bits n bobs an bounced of each other and when i got of the train crouched on the floor was a lad i use to work with years ago who left to look after his elderly parents. He always had a perm that covered his ears and rumour was his ears were disfigured but today his hair had almost gone and his ears looked ok.


So maybe Liverpool has it's very own Banksie.
Stale ale man: Big fat ugly young old smartly-dressed disheveled clean dirty scruffy ?
"Bits 'n' bobs", like?

This is good Escorial but it's barely a snapshot. Needs to be expanded upon. Seriously.
I always enjoy reading your snapshots of reality, where you are. Each is real and gritty Esc. Your writing amazes me as it is the opposite of the fictional snapshots that write myself.
We all have our own writing styles HB..I don't think writers can change it.. probably improve it but it's deffo an extension of ourselves I reckon
I would agree there esc, writing is an extension of the writer. I think that we each leave a bit of ourselves in the wrods we write, but I do like your style.
Gosh, I always read your stuff, but color combo with jarring yellow hurts my eyes. Take pity.

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