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Thoughts outloud


Breaking things, breaking eggs.

There are those who want it all to be nice and easy, the transition period, but it won't be. There will be those who don't make it. Or those who were the ones that actually made things how they were, and they should go. They really must go.

We know what has to be done. It comes right after. First you break the sytems, then you break the people. You have to in order to rebuild. Everything has to go, otherwise you get the same thing all over again- same people (with their same way of thinking...), (- and you get the- ) same thing.

And it's work that's never completely done. There will always be those who don't fit in. It's not even sad. It's just the way it is; part of the process. Culling the herd, there's no way around it.

There's a term for it, what's needed: Liquidation.
In Christianity they call it separating the chafe. It's ironic because to them it happens after you die. For us, it's when you die. If you think about it, it's only natural. It makes total sense. Even Darwin said it: Survival of the fittest. The fit survive - the ones that fit- and if you don't fit, you're unfit.
Well, then...

The beautiful thing about liquidation is that the liquefied evaporate quickly, like water. I know, I'm talking metaphor, but it's as if they'd never existed. No memory. Those that knew them are afraid to speak of them ( or they may reveal their own guilt) and those that come after will have no knowledge of them. Because no one 'remembers'.

Anyway, that's in the future. I sometimes like to think of it, to prepare myself. It could be any day now. I get butterflies. Silly, isn't it? But it is so... thrilling. I can't wait.

I know it won't be easy. It takes a strong person, a very true, and loyal-to-the-cause type of person with a clear vision of the future to do what needs to be done without questioning.

I think I'm ready. I hope they pick me. Not for the 'actions', but for other things. Like, I can keep track of things, you know like listing names. I think I'd be good at that. Like, their name, and the action called for. I can write those lists. I've already started. I haven't told anyone at our meetings, but I will, when it's needed. They'll see I've already started. That I'm good at it.

I have to stop now because I feel so funny.

That often happens. I'm in the middle of things, like thinking alone in my room, and I start to feel bad, maybe for no reason, just like how things are, so I think of something else to feel good.

People have even noticed. I'll be thinking about it -somewhere around regular people- and I may let out a laugh.

They ask what's funny, and I have to lie. If they really knew it would probably freak them out. I once told someone and they looked at me real strange every time after that, and that's not a good thing for now, but maybe a good thing later, like when it's needed.

They said it sounded horrible. I didn't say anything back. I knew then I shouldn't have said it. It wasn't time, yet. That's later. Like, if I get that job. I can't wait.

Towards the greater future.
I will speak again.


dither;bt14508 said:
That's just about how I see brexit.
Im sure we'll be able to find a job for you, my friend. When the time comes, I'll put in a good word. It helps to know people.

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