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Thoughts outloud 8



Officers, the higher ups,
police, army, fire departments. Captains and above, eventually lieutenants.
And anyone that is a professional with a degree. The possible exposure to the study of incorrect ideas in their past is greater. Dangerous thinking.
Anyone scholastically inclined. Teachers, doctors...
Obviously, writers, novelists, artists of all types. Self-expression, or any other selfish pursuits are a sure sign of discordant thinking.
I think however, often we can exclude the engineers; mathematicians of any kind really. Though degreed they tend to view things without emotion. That's what's needed. It's why Wall Streeters were recruited for the C. I.A. - their outlook is based on numbers, statistical analysis, 'dispassionate personalities', they are trained to go against emotion; to follow mathematical sense towards a goal while ignoring their base urges, or emotions regardless of the consequences to others; that is irrelevant. Perhaps they were attracted to such because their natural tendencies?

Of course, we could not use them - epitomizing the old system- assignment would be total, absolute.

And naturally, everyone would have to interviewed carefully.

Again, a culling; more listing, assigning. But one thing we do seem to have plenty of is people.

Not "seem to-". That is indecisive thinking. I need to stop that. We "have plenty". And we could use less. It never ends.

Towards the greater future.
I will speak again.



Will you be dealing with those that wear glasses? And those teachers of imperialist oppression? When does Year One start?
I know I ask a lot of questions, but it's only because I love our Dear Leader. Please do not think I'm one of those intellectuals (like THAT would ever happen).

"You'll work hard with a gun in your back, for a bowl of rice a day..."

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