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thoughts outloud 6


There's entirely too much talking.
These others? Talking to the masses is ridiculous. First, they say they agree with us, but then they're not sure. They say things like 'that's too much; too harsh' or 'shouldn't we discuss it?' One even said there should be a vote.

No! There are some things that don't need to be discussed, they just need action!

Those silly S.D.s will never achieve anything. They can be voted out! What good is that? That's the kind of freedom they want. That's not freedom. It's ridiculousness. Control needs to be absolute, a single party.

The conversations are all circular- repeats and rehashes of the same goddamn, stupid arguments we've had a million times, a bunch of hemming and hawing on their part that all result in the same thing: Nothing. No action gets taken and things stay as they are.

In my book that puts them on their side.They may not actively fight us, but they are with the enemy- they are aiding and abetting the enemy by not joining us in the call to action. They sit by or even argue against what's needed. They just don't understand. They want their cake and eat it, too. Well, you can't have both! There has to be a commitment.

They hold us back just as much or more than the enemy. That makes them the enemy. We need to keep that in mind for the after-time.
I know we're thinking of expediency, but once we've done it we can dispense with that, and them. I look forward to it. Right now, it's annoying. They're annoying.

The time is long past talking and worthless attempts at convincing. They need to either be with us or stand aside/get out of the way. People don't do anything until they're forced. That's what we need. Just do it. No more discussions. We know what needs to happen. When are we going to do it?! It's so damn frustrating.

Okay. I just had to vent. But it is all true. I just can't wait.

Toward the greater future.
I will speak again.


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