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Thoughts of Today, Tomorrow's Parasite

My body shakes and twitches. I chugged a glass of water like a nomad under the hot blazing sun of the Sahara. The snow has recently fallen overnight like confetti on a parade. There was nothing to celebrate last night. The deflated floats were useless. The lightly fallen snow adds a nice touch to the lawn. The sun is already beating the precious flakes down into the depths of the soil. That sounds awfully familiar. The unique presence is a temporary gloss for a Monday. Why would anyone sugarcoat a Monday? People have learned to adapt and move on. During another night of freezing temperatures, I was tossing under the sheets struggling to clear my mind. Freddy Krueger would have enjoyed the sight. The only remaining snow hides in the shadows beneath the trees. A move I should have made two weeks ago before embracing the spotlight. My body is calm, but my mind is moving ahead without me.


I liked this; usually my mind trails behind me - although since I've retired, you would think I could just breeze through the week. Unfortunately, I still have problems waking up. Because my sleeping patterns have odd hours, often my best work happens after midnight (hence my moniker). There is a quiet to a snowfall, a virgin landscape that gives you a sense of peace, if only for a moment, allowing the brain to re-charge. Then my blue heeler lumbers past me to do snow angels.

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