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Thought for Food

Woo-hoo! It's Friday at last! This marks my 5th blog of the week. It's been an interesting challenge to force myself to sit down and write, even if I am busy or uninspired. These blogs are more for me than you. I need to build up my writing muscles and get comfortable with sharing my ideas with the world. The former is easier than the latter. Generally, I tend to keep to myself and a only share with a select few close friends. As an added bonus, I'm writing in the first person, so it's a exercise for story writing (not a replacement though).

But without further adieu, the blog awaits!

I've always been heavy, and as such, struggled with loosing weight. For a very large portion of my life, I just simply didn't care to put in the effort for maintaining my body. School was always a priority. I grew up poor, so I tried my hardest not to live that way when I grew up. I was resolute to achieving my goal of getting the best future I could by whatever means I could. Habits were formed early, and stress piled on top of stress. Looking back as an adult, I can see a few instances where the matters got compounded so much that it became part of my subconscious.

This brings me to an interesting observation that I've recently discovered. I'm definitely a stress eater. My health has gotten much better since I started lifting weights and going on a Ketogenic diet. I've always been really strong, the weights are now confirming what I already knew (That's a 385lbs dead lift for 2 reps in my bio picture). Even with all my successes, I still have a hard time controlling stress eating. A light went on in my head a few weeks ago. All of my happiest moments usually had food involved to some degree. Birthdays, Holidays, and social get togethers with friends, just to name a few. Somehow, I've linked happy thoughts to food, and because of this, when I'm stressed I'll snack or have a cheat meal. I feel bad about it, get more stressed, and the circle starts anew.

Now that I'm consciously aware of it, I can take better steps toward letting the feeling pass and push on. I'm not sure if I'm the only one that linked these two, but I really don't know why I didn't see the correlation. I'll think on it more over the weekend.

Have a good one! Cheers!


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