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This One Is Just Right

I went back to one of the other writing forums after a long hiatus. Prostrated myself and apologized for the thing that was mostly their fault but trying to be the "bigger" man or whatever. And after about a day or two I said, "Why am I bothering again?"

The second one I went to that I stopped going to awhile ago shares a name with this forum. And one of the members got really uptight when I called him out and all of his supporters accused me of bullying.

Well I didn't I want to hurt any more precious feelings by pointing out how unprofessional it is to respond to people who are trying to help you by sticking your tongue in your cheek, I stopped going there too. I think there's a fine line between trying to mend a fence you actually broke and trying to mend a fence that the other side not only broke, but peed all over and graphitied.


Groups often develop their own personalities over time. The term "groupthink" comes to mind.
The groups that are more open, flexible and honest are always cooler to hang with.
The only non-negotiable is that opinions, and people, are to be respected.

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