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this is what happens when you let me feel romantic - I become a COMPLETE drip

Love cannot be found at the centre of your heart. A beating pulsing organ of blood for guts and organs. Which has a function and a timer, a best before and use by date. Love cannot be found in the depths of your eyes, as eyes no matter how deep a window to the soul can see too clearly to be loves guide.
As love is blind.
ironically some say love is heartless, with its unrelenting pace, general lack of taste and failure to see that certain things can never be.
Perhaps then love found its home in our feet, two engines which drive us on until we find that one someone.

That one someone who some of us can simply hate, the one we can’t forget. Who we never seem too see and cannot leave be, such is the merciless nature of our feet that even in the most crowded of streets, they’ll find the corner where we can see them there in their suit or evening wear.

treacherous love then takes its revenge, drawing in a blameless friend, who we lead with our feet to the spot where we know that they meet - with their ill suited other half in clashing colors and disgusting garb, so that they can see us there, with their glossy eyes and perfect hair.
It is said that lovers dance, and I think it may be true that love long since left you, our trusted beating heart.To be much closer to the dance floor.
Maybe that’s what toes are, small antennae which seek eternal, silent signals left behind, by a lover yet undefined.

I dance to jazz,
but waltz alone
as chosen by those two cruel feet, is a partner who unfortunately
swings to a entirely different beat.


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