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This damned cold.

It's exactly a week now since this crap started. Last Sunday morning after a good night's sleep was ended abruptly by an impatient bladder that would not wait any longer. Then having made that short walk to the loo decided that i felt bloody awful and the only sensible place for me to be would be in bed. And so it was, ( how many times has that phrase been used? Corny dither... oh well. ) i crawled back into the pit ( dither speak for bed ) , at around nine a.m. I slept all day and re-awoke at four p.m. ish, feeling, if anything, slightly worse. He who is always telling others about how he never catches colds and caught a beauty. Never mind, i had chores to get on with, so, i got on.

It is just as well actually, that the cold virus - or what ever one might care to call it - struck at the weekend, no way could i have worked in that state.

Work, yeah. With my nose running like a drain and me coughing up thick slimey lumps of well, you know. Ugh!

I'm not one for cold remedies. Don't like taking, bothering the doctors for, pills for such minor ailments and am a great believer in what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. As for not killing by the way, me and that s.o.b. have had quite a tussle this week.

On Thursday afternoon i woke with sweat peeing out of every pore. Maybe i was i finally expelling this thing, and maybe it was just the effects of the Onion-milk that i'd drunk before hitting the sack.
Onion-milk, interesting flavour. I'd been worried about boiling milk that i might burn it but i manage to get the the thinly sliced onion simmering nicely, and that taste. Not a problem if you like onions, but there was an after-taste which is hard to describe, that lingered at the back of my throat and was it the onion that had caused me to sweat? Who knows? But i did feel as though i was winning the battle, until yesterday, Saturday.

Saturday morning;
By the time i got home i had a blinding head-aches. I don't have head-aches, EVER. I don't catch colds either but there you go. I've been getting short sharp bursts of pain from my right ear and i don't have, have never had , ear-ache either.
One time i had a cold, a few years back, was no big deal, it came and it went, and left me totally deaf. Had to have a nurse swill my ears out and that was something else, interesting experience.

"Back to the here and now".
Soul to soul wasn't it? " Back to life, back to reality, back to the here and now, yeahhh.....".
A dull and dreary Saturday morning. Waiting for my bus gave me the needle but i saw a pretty pink flower, that helped, it really did. But my head was banging. DING fucking DONG and man those bells were heavy.
I did my shopping. Got home as quickly as i could and put my shopping put away. Chilled stuff ( now there's a word, chilled. ) in the fridge. frozen in the freezer etc. Then i went to bed.

This damned cold isn't done with me yet. The bastard.

I'm experiencing some discomfort in my left ear. The bells, apart from my tinnitus of course, seem to have abated, i've managed to down a mug or three of Crumpton's Pear, and i actually feel like tucking into that wedge of ham and leek quiche that i bought yesterday.

Sudden realisation,

I have an appetite.


Ham and Leek Quiche it is then.



the avatar is of one of the massive chairs that have been installed outside the local library....
Your nose is running? Against Hillary? Got my vote! Ha, sorry, I am snot even trying to loosen your load. I hope you feel better asap. I know there's something going around lately. I am glad, knock on wood, I haven't caught anything. I haven't had quiche in a while. I am really jealous.
Against Hillary. Got my vote. It took a while for me to get it.

My life is so routine, day in day out, week in week out, and Saturdays i have Quiche to snack on.

Quiche and mushy peas.

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