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Third day of Proofreading

Well, I didn't make it easy on myself. I had about 350 sentences to go when I decided it made more sense to re-proof all the sentences with linking verbs I had moved through before I added the feature, and before I finished those last 350.. So I went into the database and wrote a query to mark all sentences with a "to be" conjugation, which had not been updated, back to the "unread" status.

Suddenly my To Do count jumped back up to almost 1700. It was discouraging. I wound up staying up all night and plowing through it. I'm not sure how I stayed alert, but I suppose dedication and concentration prevailed.

When I was finally through with the first pass and moved on to my second revision level, I had either fixed typos or made revisions to 1212 sentences out of the almost 7000. I got about a third of the way through that before I crashed for a few hours. Luckily, those were all sentences which had seem some attention, so they went pretty quickly. I only found a very few typos left in that group, but I still fiddled with enough working to have 107 sentences remaining for my third pass, then 12, then 1, then finished.

While I was running the proofreading app, I spotted a few things (even reading the book in random order), I wanted to add ... just a sentence or two here or there to clarify a situation or tie up a loose end more firmly. So I added those from notes I made. Then I did my famous "that check", and wound up eliminating or altering many occurences of the world "that" in the copy.

Then I panicked. I had the previous revision up, and I noted my new word count was 900 words shorted than my pre-app word count. I scanned chapter by chapter and did notice missing material, so I fired up excel and took a chapter by chapter word count of each revision. The 900 words short was legitimate. I had just averaged paring 45 words from each chapter doing the proofreading revision and the "that check".

I grabbed a piece of art which would be cool to use for a cover, but I can never use, it's a Boris painting from 1980, just to make a fake cover my own mobi file. I think my wife will be tickled when she sees it. :)

Now I'm about to load it up in Calibre and put it on our Kindles. This read through is my last line of defense. LOL By now, I generally have a novel up to "publisher's quality", or less than one error per 10K words. I think I'll actually come out better on this one, because I looked at so many complex sentences twice in the app.

Between writing, reading it back to by wife, reviewing chapters, and the proofreading app, I've now seen every sentence in that book at LEAST four times. I could just about quote them now if you ask me about a particular scene!


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