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Thinking too deep again! -Caffeine

I need caffeine to stay awake.. But I hate what it does to me mentally.

Feels like my brain gets overclocked.

If you don't know me already, I overthink things even while tired.

Normally, I'm pretty resistant. Been drinking coffee since I was eight, and I've tried a host of other substances. I don't know if it's my metabolism, weight, or a drug resistance, but most anything passes through me really quickly.

So this is the first time it's happened in a long time.

So, all this caffeine puts me in a feverish state of heightened awareness, and within a short space of time, my mind works faster than my mouth can rant, or hands can write. I think I can solve everything, and only end up ultimately frustrated and depressed.

Normally, I try my best not to think. Again, part of my duality. Mostly I daydream and try to avoid over-thinking things.

But it's passed, and I feel fine again. But it doesn't make for a very good car ride to work.

It caught me by surprise, so I had no idea it was happening, I only started thinking and getting like that. I try to self monitor, especially my mood, so after a while I figured it was the caffeine.

Nicotine too is a depressant. Normally I have the vapor in the car as I drive, but I misplaced it today... So, fun.


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