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Things my father should have taught me. Business 101

A long week for me, two less employees than I started out with. One due to cancer, the other due to a lack of character and grit, or just plain old perseverance.

Leroy, my long time mechanic has skin cancer and is no longer able to contend with having his hands coated with grease and oil, according to his doctor this aggravates his condition. He has been a loyal man, brilliant sometimes, down right dumb others. He had one thing that always mattered, always covered for any mistakes. He tried, he did not give up, he was optimistic. He will be tough to replace.

Employee "two", for obvious reasons I am not going to use his name, talented, experienced, trustworthy... now fired

Mr. Two Suffers from self doubt, lack of courage, mood swings, On any given day he is a big asset to my company. On any given day he is a huge liability, short tempered, and prone to just giving up. Probably two traits I can not stand.

I gave Mr. Two a lot of freedom to get his job done as best he saw fit, he was handed a set of goals, and the whatever he needed as far as resources he needed to get the job done. He was very well paid, for his line of work easily the top in his field.

With a ability to make decisions, I often went with whatever he thought best, I am not a micro manager. You give me results, even if your a pain in the ass, we will get a long fine.

Mr. Two had some trouble over the last few weeks with customers, good customers, long time customers. He managed to piss them off. Not the end of the world for me, but also not good.

On Thursday Mr. Two decided that he no longer wanted to do one aspect of his job... He was fired on the spot.

I am now looking for two new men. I am convinced the best way to find a good man is to interview him, see if he does know anything about the logging/welding business. In mid sentence, punch him in the gut, knock him down, if he comes up swinging, he has a job. If he does nothing, cowers, asks me why... Send him down the road.

I can teach just about anyone, how to do the necessary work. I can not teach them how to over come things they fear, or any of the other obstacles in life that everyone is faced with. A good man does his best no matter what, a good man does what's right, for no more reason than it is the right thing to do. Backed into a corner he comes out swinging. In todays business world this is what it takes

So the question is? If I knock you down, what are you going to do?


Re Mr.Two,

You just described me, without the short temper, when i boil-over i just go for a walk, shut down for few minutes then dwell on whatever caused it.
Eventually i make a decision, i either concede defeat and let go no matter how important it may have been, or i have words.

Mr.Two is no use to you for sure.
I would be no use to you for sure.

I'm sorry for Mr.Two but you ARE right of course.
Luckily for me, in my work, i'm left pretty much to my own devices and not in a position to pee anybody off.
If you knock me down physically, I will likely respond in kind (personally). I am not a big guy, but I lack common sense and sometimes my mentality ignores reason. I am the kind of person who gives what is received. If someone does something I consider rude or bad manners, I respond in kind.

For this I will give a real life example from my time in Gran Canaria:

Outside almost every restaurant and bar stands a person who will try to get you inside. They all approach respectfully and kindly but they block your path and get irritating quite quickly. I was reaching the end of my rope when a man stood in front of me. I made to move around him. At this point he put his hand on my chest and then tried to shake my hand. No other person had tried to physically touch me and I instantly got annoyed.

"Don't touch me. And don't try to shake my hand. I am not your friend and we don't know each other. If I want to come in your restaurant I will come and look at your menu all by my self."

The people I was with were outraged at how rude I was. But they had been busy trying to dodge a woman who was also trying to get people to go inside and in my opinion, had no right to judge my actions based on what they heard rather than seen. Half a conversation is not the whole story. I am very much a please and thank you kind of person. Yet they condemned me so easily because of a temperament that refuses to be 'the bigger man'.

If you do it with words, it will depend on many factors. The how, the why, the situation... how much I wanted the job, etc.
It would also depend on the words and tone used.


I should also point out that I don't display much confidence in anything I do. Not in the beginning anyway.

Two examples:

I was fully trained to do accounting, but when I started working at a building society, I had zero confidence in my abilities. Despite that, two months later I was fully prepared to teach others how to do the job I did.

I was a fully trained Business Administrator with customer service experience, good computer knowledge and every certificate/qualification telling me; "Hotel receptionist will be easy for you."

Despite that, my confidence to do the job was, again, zero.

I was told that I would have 3 shifts with a member of staff who had been there for two years. During those three shifts I would be taught everything I needed to know and then begin my lone-worker shifts.

Shift 1, I was given username and password for the computers and shown a time-task chart. Basically it stated that I had to close the shift at 4am, fill the dolly-trolleys between 5am-6am and clean reception between 6am-7am. Unfortunately, my shift started at 11pm, so by then on that particular day - every guest had checked in and I was taught close to nothing.

Shift 2, the member of staff was late. The evening shift asked if I would be OK until he shown up. I said it should be OK. That was at 11:05pm.
At 11:15pm, he phoned in sick.

Sadly, this was a Friday. Throughout the night I had to work out (by myself);
~how to check guests in
~how to check them out,
~what to do when the fire alarm went off; because it did, and yes, the fire brigade came and everything else),
~how to handle complaints ... of which there were, from 45 rooms! This was due to the fact the cleaners that morning had gone on strike - resulting in only one person doing all the rooms in a 3 hour time-frame. Not nearly enough. I had to change bedding, refill stock for the kettle area, provide soap and fresh towels.

In short, the entire shift was a nightmare. Pretty close to a horror story. A few days later (shift 4) there was a note in the diary book saying I had to see 'the boss' in the morning so stick around after my shift ended. Turned out, the hotel actually received 52 complaints that night, but of the 45-ish I handled, 42 had left a note saying "The only good thing I can say about the fiasco of my stay was the young man on reception that night." (Or something to that affect from all 42 complaints)

The evening shift had been a woman, so the only conclusion was that they were referring to me. I had never been prouder for accomplishments at work. No training and I'd got the job done.

Three weeks into my job I trained a new receptionist. Two weeks after that I trained another. One month after that I trained another.

In total, I trained five people on reception and during my time there and if any receptionist had a problem (day or night) the first person they phoned was often me.


In conclusion. Day One for me, no matter how qualified I am or how capable; my confidence is almost always zero. I always doubt my ability to do what I am trained to do. But when the time comes, I rarely fail. More than that - once I have been somewhere for a few weeks, I have no problem passing on what I know to others.

So, if you knocked me down?

I'd probably think it was your loss and walk away to look for another job.

It is sad to say, I want someone to knock me down, I can respect that, I can understand that. I am as a business owner overwhelmed with how tough running a business is. Everything is really a fight, from the government agencies that regulate what I do, to the taxman. Every turn I make it seems as though someone is doing the best they can to stop me, tax me or regulate me. What I look for is someone who will stand shoulder to shoulder with me against all battles that any business man goes through.

It maybe just a figure of speech, but the mentality of being a fighter, in any form is important, Kev I don't think you are anywhere near as passive as you believe after reading your story.

Dither I am not sure about you, I have read you posts and while you seem defeatist in one sense, you have never given up, and keep plodding along no matter what.

Just a guess but both of you are smart enough to not want a job carrying a 30 pound chainsaw all day long or to walk the high steel of a building being erected.
I consider myself a confident man, and would never tell you I can do the job, unless I was certain that I could. However, I must admit there is always the presence of hesition each time I finish my work; that little voice in the back of your head that reminds you of the possibility of human error. But that voice gets quieter and more oppressed each time the work is finished; yet always remains.

Yet no matter what job you partake in, whether it be logging, mechanics, or general surgery, your main job is only a fraction of your overall responsibilities. To think you can become a mechanic and solely work on automobiles, or becoming an author with the thought you will only ever write, is foolishness. My point being, if you accept a job, you accept all aspects of the job; you do not get the luxury of picking and choosing what you do.

With that being said, to answer your question, I'm not entirely sure what I would do. I would be slightly offended, but being punched and pushed down is nothing in the aspect of pain or injury, yet can cause much pain in the aspects of self-image. I would likely stand up, no matter the amount of pain and tell you something along the lines of "If you're planning on putting me down, it will take a lot more than that; Try again." But I would not sit down like a coward, nor would I swing back. I will remain neutral until judgement.


I wouldn't mind working under you, but sadly I have no prior experience, and the trek to the job site is too far a distance. Good luck with your future employees!
Actually; though it's true I don't want to cut down trees, the weight of a chainsaw doesn't bother me. I kind of relish physical labour. I wouldn't much mind that kind of work. I don't mind working with logs and whatnot as long as I am not the one to actually cut down the tree - I don't know the sense in that, but to me it is akin to eating bacon but refusing to kill a pig.

I also like working at heights. I have a fear of heights but rather than being overcome by it... it kind of makes me feel a little more alive. I don't know the sense in that either - but that's why I do free running (did free running - haven't been this year) and why I like to go mountain climbing and such.

One of my dream jobs is to be a climbing instructor.
Two jobs of my past that were a lot of fun were on construction sites.

For the high steel - it depends on two factors.
1. Rope?
2. How high?

I think the logger would be more up my brothers street. He is a climbing instructor, but he also has a qualification for the care, maintenance and something else of woodland trees. He needed the qualification in order to guarantee the safety of the high rise climbs. Basically an assault course in the air - using trees 30-60ft high to hold the course in place. ^_^

And because he works there, I got to go for free <3 :D
I think deep down everyone who sits at the other side of the table trying to figure out who to hire only wants to here just this. Forget all the PC stuff this is what I want when looking for a man

I would likely stand up, no matter the amount of pain and tell you something along the lines of "If you're planning on putting me down, it will take a lot more than that; Try again." But I would not sit down like a coward, nor would I swing back. I will remain neutral until judgment.
Greimour, I feel the same, and would love to spend my time doing physical labour. Not to mention being jobless in college, it would be a rewarding opportunity, and I wouldn't mind it for a couple years, plus it would get my mind off personal matters.

But due to living with many people with their own personal matters, yet only having one form of transportation, I couldn't see it happening.
(I live in Kennebec.)
I'll admit I'm not physically tough; however, I've known a few men who would qualify. My father-in-law worked iron, and one day an accident (not his fault) knocked him off an i-beam. He fell three stories, broke a lot of bones. He survived, a few years later he was working iron again. He's 87 now, still going (his eyesight's the only thing slowing him down).
One other thing, if you had done that (punched him) to him in his prime you would have ended up in pieces scattered across the floor. He was one of the ironworkers on Texas Stadium where the Cowboys used to play. One time he and a few others had to lug I-beams to where they were to go. When I was dating his daughter he was kinda scary.
So, what'll you do if/when a female apply for a job in your successful business ??
Knock her down ??
Bobo, the best woman I ever had work for me was my daughter. The answer is yes. My daughter is a former boxer. The reason she was so successful in working in a mans world is because she always got up swinging. Women want equality, I am more than willing to give to them.

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