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Things I wish my father had told me... Business blog

I start out my week just as most business people do, on Sunday night. Going over quotes and contacting customers who need more information. I do this on Sunday night so that any information needed, will be there for Monday morning.

I had a chance to reflect today on what is the normal chaos for a Monday. I thought for this blog I would just share some of what the day brought and what was involved in running a business.

The theme for today was " What capacity do you have to take care of others" Every business person that is successful takes care of people, it is the common denominator among those who earn more than average pay checks.

I thought how funny it is that somehow Capitalists are portrayed as evil selfish people, when in reality it is the exact opposite. All successful business owners put their customers first, themselves second, I can think of no business model where success is based on being selfish

My interaction today was with customers who needed what I had. For some it was the welding service we provide, for others it was lumber and logs. Each customer wanted me to take care of them. In the ideal world when you need a product you make a phone call read them your want list and know your getting a fair price and good service. As an owner it is my job to make sure I solve that problem, not create a new one, or one of a different kind but let the customer know that by calling me they can now worry about something else.

My employees want direction and goals for the day. We communicate normally before the start of the day, before 6am. I need to know where we are as far as production, they need to know what orders need to be filled and in what order things get done.

My phone rings almost non-stop during the course of the day, this is all part of what is normal for me.

I have come to realize that through out my career, that the more people that counted on me the more money I made. Any time I had some measure of freedom from the phone and demands from others I never made much.

Point for today, If you want to succeed be prepared to put others first.


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