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There's a blog? I'll take one! No relish.

Working night audit as I type. Meaning we get paid to stand around. Lots of thinking time, and in this near delusional state, being awake since nine, I saw something that caught my eye. A blog button? I'll give it a shot. Humor me a moment, then!

In the short time that has passed since my arrival I continue to enjoy every minute. I check several times a day for anything new. Absolutely love everyone here.

Read a few other blogs, interviews and whatnot. And what would you know, people having the same things I do!

Like TJ over there, I also have constant streams of never ending thoughts running amok in my head much faster than I can consciously process. rcallaci even speaks to his own characters! I'm not the only one! Hoorah.

To every person here I examine I only find another quirk I myself possess! It's wonderful to be cursed with boundless, endless creativity and no skill whatsoever to refine it. How I wish I had paid attention in my English and grammar classes!
I'd be attempting to write now if I wasn't almost sleepwalking.

I literally have at least six new ideas every hour or so but forget them or never elaborate.

The struggle then is to recall, write down and format said stories I've invented. Everything works together perfectly until that point. I can invent epics here upstairs but as soon as I outsource the job to my fingers to hit a keyboard, something stops the gears.

Fear.I know I have good ideas. But it seems as soon as I attempt to refine them and smelt them all together...They just sound stupid. Something in my mind tells me 'Other people won't like this as much as you do. Look at how you're writing, it's all wrong, no one would ever enjoy reading that!'

And I cringe and jam the backspace until the page is clear. I don't usually show it but I take everything personally. It's a terrible habit. Even bland, blanket statements cut deep. 'What if someone absolutely hates it?' I can hear them now. 'You should give up.' I know no one would actually say that. But that doesn't stop the mind from wandering though.

Fear is hardly rational. But you guys seem smart.
Just feels better to put it in writing! Onward. Everyone has been incredibly nice. Thank all of you. Have a good...whatever it is.


This is one of the nicest forums I've been to, and that's covering a lot of forums since I discovered them many years ago. I've noticed a few subtle cases of critting critters, but even that is done with minimal insult, lol.

By the way, to get those stories back if they have vanished just as you were about to put them together, I have a trick. Get up and walk around. Actually, wander around is a more fitting term. For me, if I can get up and wander around aimlessly the ideas flood back, usually better than the one I actually had when I "lost it". The trick for me is that I can't purposefully walk, it needs to be just be up and around. The idea rolls back in, and I keep repeating it to myself until I can rush back and type it or jot down enough of the idea to remind myself of it later.

Oh, and try not to repeat it to yourself aloud. This is a critical point to remember. Even the most devoted and loving of family members will begin to give you a funny look if you wander around repeating what sounds like a psychotic mantra over and over. "He needs a brain plumber; his skull pipes are obviously clogged. He needs a brain plumber; his skull pipes are obviously clogged. He needs a brain plumber; his skull pipes are obviously clogged."

I've learned that sometimes "creative" and "crazy" look fairly similar.

Good post. :)
Welcome to the forums!

I experience the same thing you do. Being my own worst enemy makes writing something and sticking to it difficult. Only thing I've found is you have to force yourself through it, just like doing anything you don't want to do. Eventually you'll overcome it and finish what you started. Don't talk yourself out of good ideas unless you actually have real reasons, and don't throw anything away because it will always come in handy for the future.

Good luck. Hope to see your work on the forums. :wink:
To be a writer, actor, painter or basically anything in the creative field you must learn to take the lumps as well as the praise. We all have doubts about ourselves especially when it comes to our passions or talents. We can't let the fear of someone rejecting our work, telling us we suck , lack talent, or find a particular piece of our work sub-par to deter us from our passion. If we love what we do and are willing to put our heart and soul in learning the art of our desire than nothing in this universe should deter us.

Criticism hurts- I'm not talking about mean-spirited criticism- that shit you should just shrug off -for the one who gives out that crap are usually frustrated fools who lack the talent they see in you. I'm talking about good honest constructive criticism. We all fear deep down inside that we may actually suck. Even if thirty critiques are positive and one is negative it's the negative one that we remember. It's the one that gnaws at our bones. But it also the one where we learn the most from. Art is pain. We're never as good as we think we are or as bad. If you like what you create and are willing to accept criticism to get better; then the hell with the naysayers or how people will view your work. Be fearless not afraid. You do it for yourself first than the rest of the world. If you just write for the praise and glory and not for yourself than you'll always remain mediocre in talent as well as in spirit. Grow a thick skin it will lessen the sting and make you able to soar amongst the clouds.

Your piece rings true- it shows you're awake. Ideas will come - just write write write.....

my warmest

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