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There shall be strawberries.

I finally got to clear the back corner of the strawberry patch. It made me think of doing an edit; I started off by eliminating all the obvious, easily moved, stuff, mostly dead leaves. Then I took out all the obvious weeds, followed by the strawberry runners, and exposed the main plants. Finally I cultivated and worked a little compost and bonemeal into the top layer. It was not a strict order of progress, but generally I explore by removing the easy stuff and get an overall view of the main plant’s layout before attacking the more entrenched weeds and lifting the runners to plant elsewhere.

If it was an edit I might take out all the qualifying words, strip it bare of all the stuff that is not moving the narrative forward. Then I can see where the main points of the narrative lie in relation to each other. Of course they start to emerge before I have stripped it all away, as will misconceptions and sidetracks, to be weeded out, junked, or put in a reference file for later use. Some of that dead stuff is simply that, tautology and ‘filler’ words, but some served other functions than pushing forward the narrative; building characters, setting scenes. I work on technique when rewriting the essential bits. I don’t stick strictly to this order, often dealing with things as they occur, but it is an overall guide.

I guess any major clearance job where there is some stuff worth saving has similarities, a student house, a child’s room, but I find it helps to identify the stages. I won’t accidentally remove one of the main plants, or get sidetracked replanting runners.


:) This was oddly peaceful to read. I felt like I was working in that strawberry patch, myself- the work draining tension and anxiety away and offering its own kind of sobering clarity and contentment... All through words.

I also appreciate the reference to writing and find it interesting how we can relate aspects of our jobs or personal interests (like carpentry or sailing) to the greater workings of the world..or universe.
This entry is why I seek out your blog. You've a mature vantage point worth reading. Sas
Thank you sas, I have time to think and edit here, not everybody would agree I am mature in real life :)

Kaminoshiyo: The transfer of knowledge between disciplines is a key part of human development. I reckon almost anything you learn can be useful in some other field.

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