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... there are unsmiling faces in fetters and chains ...

So, I don't get to graduate after all.

Course A could not be subbed for Course B. Course C could, but was being subbed for Course D. Course B is offered only in the spring semester. It was recommended I sub Course C for Course B. So now I get to take Course D, which will be offered in the fall. In a nutshell, it is the theory and practice of Microsoft Access. Can I barf now? I suppose it will help me with something, but the deities alone know what. Maybe my GPA. And I graduate in December.

If that explanation leaves you a little confused, it's perfectly fine. The advisors were confused. It turns out that the advisors on my home campus are very nice, but less competent than the advisors of the major campus of my branch of the community college. Which is how I got into the mess I got into. The man who came to my rescue is my department head.

In other news, NaPoWriMo starts on April Fools Day, which is fitting. I, and a bunch of other folks, will be attempting to write 30 poems in 30 days. Cran has a special award up his sleeve for those who can do it. I'm hoping to add it to my showcase, We shall see.

I've also been invited to participate in the first annual Grand Poetry Challenge. The prompt is spaces unseen and I have an idea, but ideas are not even copyrightable so that, and a fiver, will get me a chai latte at Starbucks.


My brain didn't fry that much because I completely understand the complexity of class substitutions. I've been down that road a few times. This is why, even within major universities, students cannot graduate in time. It's the accessibility. It's the availability. It's the overall mess of scheduling. On the bright side, I wish you luck in what you do. Use your time to your advantage. On another bright side, good luck with the challenge! :)

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