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The Writers Room

Do you have a writing room- a place or space where you do most of your writing?

What does it look like? Is it neat, cluttered, minimalist, quiet, public, colorful, monochrome, closed-in, spacious...

Mines looks like a cross between an office desk and an art studio. Cluttered. Comfortable (though I want a new chair...). I can write anywhere, but this is where the work get's done. I know have a freakin external hard drive and a couple of flash drives for back up because God's so flippin funny. In a sense, it kinda feels like having lost everything in a big fire and...you just have no choice but to start from the beginning again. But, this time, your more experienced and much more wary.

It's not a temple or anything. It's where I relax...it's where I dream (I don't dream when i sleep...only when I'm awake, lol), and I wonder if a person where to take a picture of it without me in it, that it would be the most accurate portrait of me one could take.

The weathers warm...er. I'm headed out. (it always feels like foraging to me when I go shopping. Like the old-style of foraging where you head into the woods to hunt and fish and pick berries and herbs. I love the cold, crisp air. I think it makes you healthier in a tough-love sort of way). But after I unpack, after I eat, after I prepare for Fun-day Monday...I know I'll be back here making wings to fly to the sun.


replace the chair but keep it so it can viewed when people enter the door with a blue ceramic plaque outside..it's a posterity thing

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