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The White Van Library [Objectionable Content Warning]

Hey guys!

In celebration of my third week here (tomorrow) at WF, here's a place to sit back and enjoy the pros and cons of intentional or unintentional publications. Ready for a totally pointless procrastination thread that still relates to literature, publications, and literary discoveries? The White Van Library is at your service!

When I became a Volunteer Conversation Partner at the University of Connecticut's American English Language Institute (U.C.A.E.L.I), innuendos were a hit. I hope this thread offers just as much enjoyment for our community.

PrinzeCharming;1957532 said:
The White Van Library
has a special surprise!

We're now offering
candy for your eyes!

Come Join Us!

The White Van Library has arrived in the Writing Forum's parking lot. Step inside and take a look for yourself! Are you having fun with Dick and Jane? Did you meet the young woman with the nocturnal beaver? Did you splash the bath time teddy bear? Have you met the hungry dinosaur? Did you receive a kiss from Aunt Bea? Perhaps, you passed up the YMCA for Pleasure Island? This thread is strictly for the amusement of literature with innuendos, inspirational messages for all readers, and double entendres. Take this thread with you as invaluable advice to carefully review your work before publishing. Unless of course, you want a place on their shelf.


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