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The Wailings of a Broken Down Poet

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The Ninth Circle (the Beast)

hell’s bane God’s flame
brimstone ashes and dust
burnt corpses dead grins and tainted

dragons breath; death
sickly winds frozen sin
the mighty beast lies trapped within
The Ice

But It lives and…

It Sings
of ghastly things
to the beat of its horrid wings

It Weeps
and never sleeps
as blood and scum drips off its cheeks

On traitors bones
that rotted meat
does it eat and eat and eat

View attachment 8816

This is the last of my circle poems I hope you found them of interest

till next time...

bob (aka santo nicola)


:tickled_pink::applouse: Fabulous! Maestro, you rocked the internal rhyme, sooo sleek and smooth, but with such skill it is not immediately obvious... this flowed like a dark river... HA!! your imagery is a wicked delight...


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