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The Universes

Seems like everyone is making “universes”, tying in previous writings or projects into a connected network. I’m iffy on it because inevitably you start getting things like what “The Mummy” tried to do- making a universe with a bad story simply to rake up on the newest hollywood trend. I guess some of the successes- who also have pretty stupid storylines when you look at it (Marvel...)- figured out how to cash in on that childhood awesomeness that is pitting your favorite superheroes against or with each other. Because that’s technically what these universes are except they are insular in that you won’t necessarily see Superman vs Doctor Doom.

There were short examples of non-insular collaborations that created great excitement but flopped due to abyssmal stories. One was Freddy v Jason. Another was Alien v Predator.

Universes are really cool ideas because it takes skill to tie in these different elements into ancoherent story, but that’s my gripe... I don’t think we’re getting good story. I think we get flash and bang and a passable serving of story.

But then again it is just a kids movies. But then again...is that an excuse?


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