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The Ugly Bug Spring Jive

I wrote this poem for my grandchildren

With the herald of spring the bugs start to arrive
in my Garden of Eden for the “Ugly Bug Jive”.

The weird and the ugly they give me the jitters
who may I ask created these critters?

There are black bugs and green bugs and stripy ones too
perhaps they’ve escaped from the Ugly Bug zoo?

Grass hoppers and spiders arrive at my door
the Jive’s in full swing so they take to the floor.

The Ugly Bug Jive is now the “In” thing
and a great way to cheer, the arrival of spring.

The birds, snakes and lizards come looking for lunch
hmmm the “Ugly Bug” guests look a yummy bunch…

Gobble, gobble, gobble!
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Darren White;bt13356 said:
I decided to visit your earliest blog, love your poetry of 5 years ago :D

Writing poetry was simpler then. I knew nothing of Metaphors or other poetic devices that screwed with my head. I wrote from the heart. :) Now I write from the head.

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