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The Tears that Silence Brings

Second attempt to post to blog. ;)

A poem that I wrote about a year ago, and has seen a few different revisions. Still not sure if it invokes the image I need it to, but please, let me know what your opinions of the piece are. Who do you envision the poem is about, and what do you picture them feeling?

The Tears that Silence Brings.

Smile and make peace
Keep it inside and bury it deep.
Wipe away the tears
Hide your pain
Didn't know that saying nothing could hurt so much.

Night comes, you feel the anger.
Blankets torn off in rage,
You're not right, it makes them wrong.
Say sorry for nothing,
Bury your pride
Thoughts are your only company in the darkness.

Clean up the glass, fix the wall
Don't give a reason for their anger
Do as your told, compromise
Say nothing to start the fire,
Keep quiet, your worries are nothing.

The burden is heavy,
You can't do it alone.
Forgotten how to ask for help.
Your pride is finally gone
but the dam is strong and high,
It won't break.
The quiet is deafening.

Long years paying a debt not your own,
Reassuring words are never enough.
Your not the person they married.
They loved who you were,
not who they made you.

The dam breaks but its too late.
Scream into the void,
No one is listening any longer.
You are alone.

At the end of silence, there are the tears that silence brings.


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