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The self-help book by John Parkin. My thoughts so far.

Well, in spite of first impressions, I started reading the book and I stuck with. There are 230 pages and my bookmark sits at page 99.

My thoughts on the book now? Well?

I don't think that the concept is new at all.

It's not about gaining friends, money, wealth, success etc. but letting go of the desire for such things by examining all the things that we don't have and saying " f**k it. Does it really matter?" and simply accepting what is. That's not to say that such things will never happen but learning to be HAPPY with what is.

He claims that when you stop wanting those things that seem so important to you they invariably come your way, but if they don't, f**k it. Does it really matter?

He touches on breathing exercises, meditation, buddhism, and really I couldn't ever see anybody living out what seems to be the message of this book which seems to be all about the need to stop wanting and love what you have, this is nothing new and one CAN see the sense of it, and stop worrying about what you can't influence. F**k it. Those two words feature quite a lot.

I feel bad about having handed the young sales-woman the piece of card with book-title and author's name on it. I should have written f**k it. I spelled out the word proper. Oh well, may as well say f**k it. There's nothing I can do about that now.

I SHALL, I think, read the whole 230 pages.


I hope Voyager is in interstellar space broadcasting:
"fuck it, fuck it, fuck it"

To hear us is to know us. Ample warning to any who might venture here.

Oh, no, I've got that wrong. We'd say,"fuck you, fuck you, fuck you"
That's a lesson I need to learn sas, that nothing really matters. I've, I don't know, to learn to accept my life I suppose. It is what it is. And when life,people, society sends you a swift kick in the groin it really IS, " JP says" , nothing personal. I always took things too personally and harboured , do harbour, too much bitterness and resentment. If only I could let go of that. Pity we don't all have a delete tab.
But wait a minute. This is one almighty con-trick. Isn't it?

" Stop wanting that which you desire and suddenly, miraculously, the world will deliver it to you in shed-loads" or words to that effect.

Woo'hoo you might think. Fill your size tens. Job done. No? Erm, well, no, not exactly. You've adopted the "f**k it way" persuaded yourself to stop wanting and so it really doesn't matter now.

I would respectfully contend that to want is nothing more than a basic, fundamental even, human trait. It's what defines us from our tree-living knuckle-dragging relatives.

Best selling wisdom teacher indeed.
To want is to strive. Being able to say "fuck it" when you fail and to keep going unphased is not natural for all people, but can be learned by anybody.

That's how I apply this vein of advice. I've read a book by Alan Watts and listened to many of his lectures for free on YouTube and I treat it the same way. I won't stop desiring, but maybe I can dull the edge of disappointment until it's like being hit in the face by a stick, rather than a brick.

Desire is often fine if you've accepted the possibility of failure.
By young adulthood, I looked back at my short life and realized that I should have died many times over.
People give Fatalism a bad rap. Let's put lipstick on that pig and call it Predeterministic. When you realize you're lucky to be alive, it's hard to get as mad at life. It's a gift, a freebie.
I quickly adopted my simple self-help mantra. All the BS that I used to sweat, I would just remind myself "It just doesn't matter". 'Cause it didn't. None of it.
F-it just never felt right. That's just me. Something, or some people can mean little or nothing to me. Dropping F bombs on them just seems to empower the crap that doesn't deserve it. All I ever wanted was contentment. It's easier to attain when you're not pissed at everything.
Wise words, thanks guys.

The trouble with me is that, even now, in my dotage, well, not quite dotage exactly, that would be stretching it a bit, I tend to obsess about things. If, like Smith says, I could tone it down a bit and adopt a view of " well I wouldn't mind having/experiencing whatever ". Just to take the sense or urgency or impending doom out of my thinking. Now that would be a worthwhile endeavour.

We'll see.
What a croc...and I don't mean the shoe. Maybe a used shoe...

You should always want the things you want and you should never have a fuck it attitude. Trust me, "I don't give a fuck" was the motto where I grew up and it wasn't Beverly Hills. It's hard to like something and fail at it, but change the perspective. Failure is just lessons.

But...this really applies only if you really want what you are going after. If you don't want it then you'll likely see any obstacle as reason to quit.

Also, don't fall for none of that New Age nonsense about meditation and stuff. Not that there's no merit to it at all, but it's way out of proportion with it's usefulness. It's dream-talk to lull people who will never do anything into a sense of "becoming". They'll, for the most part, always be in a state of imagining or envisioning themselves in a better state...rather than the reality.

Best of luck, dither, and HNY.

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