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The Red Brick Congregation

There's heavy atmosphere today. Thunder is rocking this house and shaking it's old window panes. Rain is beating against the roof like some wild animal. Now is the time to talk about the Red Brick Church.

I'm only going to call it The Red Brick Church. Giving it's full name would pinpoint me on the map, as it is, literally the closest structure to my ranch. First things first, no, the church is not on my property. Two, the church is not only still in service, it's currently hosting it's Vacation Bible School, which if you're interested, I believe is Space-themed. Thirdly, while I have gone to church and may someday go back to a church...I have NEVER set foot in the Red Brick Church at all.

Now anyone can look up a list of most haunted sites in KY. I personally don't understand why you would want to. There's nothing quite as eye-rolling and exceptionable as Psychic Mediums or Ghost Hunting shows. But if you look up all the "Haunted Places in Kentucky" you will notice most are in big cities or brand new(i.e. occurring or originating in the last sixty years). Even Doom Chapel in Kuttawa is more well-known and it is much smaller and just as out of the way.

But, that's not to say that someone out there doesn't remember it. The Red Brick Church is listed as a grade 4 historic property. A property that "embodies the distinctive characteristics of a type, period, or method of construction, or represents the work of a master, or possesses high artistic values, or represents a significant and distinguishable entity whose components may lack individual distinction." It was even mentioned in an old Kentucky Legends folio, that I have somewhere here. I'll look for it, eventually.

The truth is, it's one of the oldest damn churches in the state. And it is where the bodies that occupied The Ertan Deep were moved to. I said in a previous post, that this is a guess, and it is. Guess or no, a number of graves in the Red Brick Church have dates and names that I noted the last time I went into the Ertan Deep and when the bodies were moved, the Red Brick would have been the most convenient locale.

The church itself is vernacular italianate and, as its name implies, is made entirely of red tile and brick. It was founded and organized in 1862. It's completely hidden in a grove of black oaks and is the final resting place of Marilynn.

Marilynn is something, not unlike the Ertan Deep, itself. Marilynn is inexplicable and this is the only time I recall writing about her in a public sense. I'm beginning to regret writing about her at this very moment, actually. She was, as far as I gather, an extant member of my family tree. My Grandfather's niece, or alternatively, a Great Aunt, I think? She lived to the ripe old age of 6 years old. She passed away on my side lawn. Her brother, throwing walnuts and bullseyeing them open with a sidearm, didn't notice his sister picking up the broken hulls and swallowing them. One sharp-edged piece lacerated her throat on the way down. She started bleeding and aspirated on her own blood and died that day, while her brother never even noticed. Or so the legend goes...

I'd like to set forth everything about Marilynn in this blog post. But as my brain starts reeling off encounters, I'm realizing that this blog post would be huge and no one would want to read it all in one sitting. But, I'd like to make one thing clear... Marilynn is the reason you could not get me to even park in the Red Brick Church parking lot. I'm not even sure going there would make anything worse, but I'm not chancing it. Never have I ever been more harassed, terrified or tormented by someone or something that no longer exists than this child. If the world worked like a novel, comic or film...beyond certainly, Marilynn would be my arch-enemy.

She sent me to a hospital via hypothermia about ten years ago; she tried to kill my sister; and since I moved to the ranch, she has been in my nightmares at least once a year, every year. Lately, she just rings the great church bell in my side yard at around four in the morning. She's done this twice. I even put up security cameras. Seven, in fact, just in the hopes of catching it.

All other members of the Red Brick Churchyard are just quiet skeletons in a coffin, so far as I know. Maybe a ghost has to be personally related to haunt someone? Maybe I made a mistake at some point? I don't know what I did. She definitely won't forgive me for writing all of this. Apart from that, though, I don't know why she won't leave me alone. Everyone else has...

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