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The Realization.

I've realized something.

When I get up in the morning, I get out of bed. The first sound I hear besides the radio that plays while I sleep is my left knee. It crackles. When I was a kid I screwed it up riding a bicycle and it crackles until it loosens up. 99% of my injuries were untreated, because if I'd been taken to the doctor every time I got a ding or booboo, I'd have been in the doctor's office a lot. Kids bounce back, so it's cool.

I take a step and both ankles greet me with clicks. Yeah, they've been through it too, and being a fat boy hasn't helped. I could lose weight. I could also hit the lottery and become a Brazilianaire. As the sleepy slumber leaves me I stretch, and crackling sounds crawl up my spine. They start down in the lumbar region and the crackles walk up to my neck. Bad back, bad neck, bad... bad. I'm aware that the sound resembles ruffling playing cards, but some crackles are louder than others so it's not mundane. If you can't be superlative, at least try not to be boring. A lifetime of fast cars and poor decision-making skills have left me with a back and neck that have been to more than one County Fair. No ribbons, and oddly, no scars. That step also wakes up my left hip. It's got sort of a clickly crackly thing going on, but it's intermittent. It's one of the few booboos I have that actually gives pain if I stand too much. Well, it and my lumbar region. Like I said, I'm a fat boy. My back hurts for the same reason pregnant women have low back pain. I wonder if it'll be a boy or a girl, and how they'll get it out? It's been “in the oven” for the best part of twenty years. It's gotta be close to done, or it's overcooked by now.

As I stretch I raise my arms, as stretching people often do. The symphony of crackles from my left should is a welcome sound. Fell off a ladder and dislocated it. The thing stays in, but I can tell it'd love to pop out sometimes. Thankfully, it behaves. My right shoulder, it's the painful one. I introduced it to a .30-06 about twenty years ago. Funny thing, that rifle. If you pulled it tight to your shoulder, it was deadly on the other end. If you let a little space get between the buttstock and your shoulder when you touched it off, it was lethal on both ends. I treated it like a .22 and it kicked like a drunk mule or a hyperactive Clydesdale. Worse? I missed the bullseye by five inches... For the record, that's not at all funny. It's cool to be kicked hard if you hit what you aimed at, but when it kicks the crap out of you and you still miss it's just pathetic.

My left wrist has a pop to it when I make a fist. I broke my wrist when I was eleven and it healed, but it's not right. I've got diminished strength in it and it's throbby. My right elbow, I knocked a chip out of it around age eight. I tripped over a dog and fell hard, so it clicks sometimes. It's the unpredictable one, because it doesn't click every time I move it. Just now and then it'll click.

The thumb on my left hand sometimes will pop if I move it just right, and sometimes it locks in place. Same with my left middle finger, but I have to physically straighten it to make it work again when it locks.

I'm twenty-nine. I'm not old. In the grand scheme of things, I'm a sprout. A fellow in Japan lived to be a hundred and sixteen. That's exactly four times my age. If we use him as a yardstick, I've got my lifespan to live four more times. By the time I hit the big nine-oh, people could be livin' lots longer. I've read that the first person who will ever be a hundred and fifty is alive right now. So I am most certainly not old.

I'm crispy.


I liked this, not because your cracks and aches are worth liking in that respect, because they are no fun =(, but you have a way of capturing your reader's attention when you write .

My knee cracks and crinkles all the time. I assume from an old sports injury so it's not as large of a scale of crackle but I understand.

I'm surely going to say more but being at work and on my phone prevents that at the moment. The joy of breaks haha.

Thanks for sharing bits of yourself TJ.
if you reach ninety man....i don't think i'll be here on the day so here it is lad..happy birthday
Thanks esc, I appreciate it. I'm sorry you'll miss the party. There's gonna be me (90 years old), Scotch (90 years old), and strippers (NOT 90 years old... I hope.) ;)

Hammy, sometimes it's good to just ramble onto a page and get it out of your system. I recommend it for everybody. There's no harm in just... writing. No end goal, no "make this a 350 page novel", just being yourself a writing what's in your head on the sheet.

Thanks to everybody who has read it too. ;)
Where I'm from we call missing the bulls-eye five inches lunch. So you awaken to a symphony every day? Or is it a cacophony? Wish you were here so I could laugh at you over a beer like real men.
Alright! So to come back to my previous post, I'd like to share a little more. It might be a smidge odd to compare myself to you seeing that I'm a female and you're a male, however, I wanted to touch upon your back pain. I have lower back pain and issues with my shoulders and neck cause of stuff so I definitely understand what that feels like. It's not really the reasons, but the end result that truly sucks. If I sleep the wrong way, my neck muscles seize and I can't turn it for a bit. My spine also starts to feel like it aches if I sleep on my stomach. Sleeping on my back is the best but when there's not enough neck support from the pillow it's just messed up all the time. They are expensive, but I've always wanted one of those memory foam beds. Anyway, I understand how you feel. I'm only 25 and sometimes I feel all creaky and old, but usually it's because I'm dramatic =p

Too often I've had moments where I've wanted to write out my thoughts like you have and I just haven't done it. It's tough sometimes to evaluate yourself in that way without feeling depressed. I try to stay away from it, even though it's necessary, to just acknowledge who you are, imperfections and all.
Well Hammy, I had to put a humorous twist on it to keep the depression at bay. It wasn't a really overt attempt, but it was funny to me. With all my creaks and crackles, I'm not old, I'm crispy. ;)

I can sympathize with you, and I might be able to help. I've had neck problems since I was a kid. You might try elevating your shoulders a bit to straighten your neck. It took twenty years for me to figure out that a pillow under my head craned my neck forward. Just a thought.

A memory foam bed... that's a nice dream. Somebody needs to invent a cheaper alternative. My old mattress, it feels like it's full of broken dishes sometimes, lol.

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